Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Something's going right...

Last night I ran 7.05 miles. That’s a “run with no walking” PR for me!!!!! My average pace was 11:33, and my plan called for 12:34!! I also ran my last 3 or so miles at 10:30ish…. HOLY COW!!!
Can you tell I’m a little excited about this? It kinda makes me want to run long runs every day….Well maybe not EVERY day : ) When I finished I IMMEDIATELY texted Amanda to tell her how it went, just like I did after last weeks long run!

I had a beer with my girlfriend Elisa after my run (she bartends at the bar that is conveniently located on the trail we run) then met The Hubs for dinner (he was working….24 hour Sushi restaurant!!) and met his new partner!! When I got home I took a HOT bath this time, just wasn’t feeling the ice bath, and put on the good ‘ol CEP Compression sleeves! I wore them around while I did laundry (and by “around” I mean on the couch!) and slept in them! My legs feel AMAZING today!!! I’m LOVING this plan, LOVING how I feel during/after my runs, and LOVING how much my fitness/running has improved!!!

I feel like a big part of all this improvement is my diet, and my supplementation. I drank a protein drink when I got back in the car after running last night…we just bought EAS protein and I LOVE it, like actually enjoy drinking it, I don’t have to choke it down!

I started taking women’s active multi-vitamins, and am still drinking the Amino Acid drink before runs and lifting.

I also started taking Glucosamine this week in hopes to keep my joints healthy!

Maybe I feel so good because I'm finally training properly, and maybe it's because I'm giving my body what it needs? Either way, I'm loving this!

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