Monday, April 25, 2011

So maybe I'll be ok...

Yesterday was my run date with O-No...and....I DID IT!!  I finished 9 miles!!

I saw this along the way....

and I HAD to stop to take a picture!  Baby ducks with their Momma ducks were EVERYWHERE!!  The lake we ran around is definitely beautiful!!

We ran 3 miles, walked 1 mile, ran 3 more, walked 1 more, then switched off running .5miles with walking .5 miles. I felt good most of the run.  Took a few shot blocks at the first walk break....drank LOTS of water along the way. But my legs were tired...and my feet felt like they were on fire on the bottom!  My breathing was good...and when I started to get tired O-No told me to sing and shake it out...and It helped!!

How mean is this? About half a mile into our run we saw an ice cream truck.  No biggie...running + ice cream probably not a good idea....until we realized they had popsicles....the good kind.  The kind I wanted BAD when I was hot and thirsty running my 9 miles.  So you would think we would forget about the ice cream man after a little while....BUT HE FOLLOWED US! I swear for 6 miles he kept catching up with us....taunting us with the fact that we didn't have any money on us. 

Then a little kid walked by with a green pop-ice.  I seriously contemplated stealing it from him...but at this point my legs were so tired he DEFINITELY would have been able to catch me!

So when we finished I looked like this.... I sat in the parking lot pretending to stretch (It really just felt good to sit down!!)  Followed by a trip to QuickTrip for a slushee....mmmm slusheees!!

Then like this....
**Picture to come** I took my first ice bath!  And it helped a ton!!  I'm not sore at all today!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Never Again....

The hubs and I decided we're NEVER EVER buying a house again....well at least that's what I'm saying right now.  This whole mortgage process has been a PAIN!  The last 2 weeks I feel like all I've done is search around/drive around town looking for documents I never imagined I would EVER need again, just to email/fax them to someone so they can turn around and tell me they need something else!  Its will all be worth it in 4 short days!  WE CLOSE ON MONDAY!! Then a pizza/beer/moving party will commence!  Is starting the carb loading 6 days before my half to early?

Our first house!!!!!

So I don't get sick often, but when I do it sucks...
I woke up not feeling great on Sunday....worked Sunday night, then woke up Monday feeling BAD.  I decided to suck it up because I need to get some serious mileage in before OKC in a little over than a week.  I set out for an undecided amount of miles (3 miles minimum.) I am thinking about trying to run 5 walk 1 for OKC, and thought this would be a good day to trial that on a shorter run.  I started out and my first mile and a half was great.  I was feeling crappy still but running good.  My pace was around 9min/mile which is really good for me right now.  After the 1.5 I decided to turn around and head for home.  Something hit me when I turned around and I started coughing and hacking, and eventually dry heaving I was coughing so bad.  I walked almost the rest of the way home...and was still wheezing so bad when I walked through the door I think I scared Michael a little!  A few puffs on the inhaler, some water, and a day of sleep later...I feel much better!

I ran when I woke up today...but my Garmin died after a mile so I have no clue how far I ran.  I assume around 3 miles....3 HILLY miles.  The neighborhood I run in usually is VERY hilly.  Good training right?

I have plans to do 9-10 miles with Oh-No on Saturday, then we are having a packing party!  Sounds fun right?  Ha yah I don't think so either! IM SOOOO READY TO MOVE!! And hope my 9ish miles goes smoothly...that will give me some confidence for OKC!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


GOOD LUCK to those of you running BOSTON tomorrow!!!! 

I never realized what a big deal these races are, until I joined the blogging community.  You all have been a HUGE inspiration to me!!!!  I hope to some day be sitting where you are RIGHT now...anticipating one of the biggest races of my life!!


Saturday, April 16, 2011


So it's not my giveaway (I'm not that cool yet !!)....but it's an awesome one!!  Go check out  5 Miles Past Empty is giving away an awesome medal display!!!

2 weeks from tomorrow (Sunday) I will be earning my first medal!! OKC 1/2 here I come!!  I am soo excited...but so completely terrified!  I havn't ran the full 13.1 yet (My longest consecutive mileage is 7...Yah I know that's FAR from 13...but these next 2 weeks I will be working my Boo-tay off to get there!!

I've already told myself it's ok to walk...and my ONLY goal this go round is to FINISH!  If I have to  crawl across the finish line...I WILL FINISH!

Good News is....Oh-No signed up to run it with me today!! I was starting to think I was in this alone!!

Today me and the hubs had some Pei Wei for lunch....and I'm about to have it again for dinner (Work night...) then he had a GENIUS idea...Sno Cones!  Nothing better than starting off your work night with a sno cone!!  Mmm goodness!  I'll post more pictures tomorrow!

Friday, April 15, 2011


So not that I think anyone reads my blog....or cares about my pictures....but the Hubby is out for the night for a "guys night" AKA Jessica is always around and isn't invited this time (My Hubby lets me tag along all the time...he's so good to me!!) & the few friends I have here are working, busy, or out of town...SO I'm going to be a nerd and update all my previous posts with the pictures I've taken that go along with them that i never got around to uploading (I'm the QUEEN of uploading pictures from my camera a year later...I'm still getting hounded by friends about uploading NYE pictures! Oops...) I have a really nice digital camera...I just don't know how to use all the settings, so my pictures are less than great! Oh well....enjoy!!

Puppy Love - AKA Knox - post 2 miles today!  He got to run free around the park for a little while....and while running full speed to catch up with me his leash wrapped around my legs and led to this.....
Yup, that's an ice pack on my knee!  It HURTS!  We only did 2 miles today because we set out kinda late and I wanted to be home before dark...I kinda live in the ghetto right now....But no worries....We move into our new house in a week!!!!!!!!!!!  Hints why my house is a DISASTER right now, boxes and crap EVERYWHERE!

Me and the Hubby at a Dallas Cowboys game (My awesome parents took us!) on Halloween!

Aparently the husband's friends want me to join them on their guys night...See they love me!  Ha I'll post more pictures later!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy Busy

I havn't posted in a while...partly because I didn't run for 5 days last weekend (I was being lazy) and I have been crazy busy lately!

We went to a Texas Rangers game last Monday!  They made it to the World Series last year, and are having an awesome start to this season!

I got back into my running on Thursday, and it SUCKED!  Taking that many days off is not a good idea! Especially less than 3 weeks before my first half!

I ran the White Rock 5K yesterday, benefiting the Dallas PDs Assist The Officer Foundation....and beat my last time by 2:40!!!  I finished in 34:20, after 2 hours of sleep and no running for a few days! 

My parents and sister were in town this weekend, but we didn't get to spend much time with them, other than Friday night.  I went to a function at work yesterday where our Organ donation organization united Organ donor families with organ recipients!  It was such a cool experience, but so sad at the same time.  We cared for the patients that donated organs, so it was a tough day.  On that note....BE AN ORGAN DONOR!!!!  It's as simple as going to to register in Texas!  It's a simple gift that can save a life...besides we can't use them after we're gone!!