Friday, January 13, 2012

Listen Up

So I want to start this post off with something important....BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS when you run....especially when you run alone, or in the dark.  A friend of Beth (SUAR) @ Shut Up And Run went out for a run on Saturday morning, and still hasn't come back.  They found her shoe, but as of now have no other leads as to what happened.  All they know is she's still missing.

I run at night, A LOT, and alone, A LOT, and with my headphones (NEVER EVER in both ears, always just in one....) and I don't wear my music when I run in the dark.  My husband is a Police Officer, and paranoid.  Sometimes I get really annoyed with how paranoid he is...then something like this happens and I remember why he's like that, and that it's only because he loves me. 

So please please please pay attention to what's around you when you run, even during the day.  Carry pepper spray or a pocket knife, or hell even a big stick will do.  You will probably never need it....but you'll be DAMN GLAD you had it when you do.

Go visit Beth's blog, read her friend's story, and PLEASE tell someone if you know any details.

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running escapades said...

Whoa! I didn't realize the missing jogger was the Shut Up & Run world just shrank big time!

Thanks for the info & reminder to be safe. Your husband sounds like a winner ;)