Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slowly but surely...

My running is going so much better...FINALLY!  I have actually done pretty good this week!  I worked on Sunday which = I laid on the couch and slept all day.  Monday morning when I got home The Hubs and I took Puppy Love for a run!  Knox hasn't ran with me in a while because it's been SO STINKIN HOT here!  I'm talking 110-114 degrees outside.  And at 10pm, its still 105.  Ridiculous I know! 

Anyways, we decided to take him with us and just leave it up to him how far we went.  We did 1.5 miles.  I know this is such a short run, but I'm increasing slowly because the heat is killing me.  It was a really good, STRONG, FAST 1.5 miles.  At least it was fast for me.  We let Knox pick the pace.... I did 1.5 in 16 minutes, after working a 12 hour shift, over night.  Yes that is Fast for me because yes I'm slow!  But I'm totally ok with being slow right now....I don't want to push it in this stupid HEAT.

Okay I say stupid heat....but I really LOVE Summer time...I'll take 114 over 30 any day!!

We finished our run in the park that is connected to my neighborhood.  It has a big pond in the middle of the 1/4 mile "track".  My super adorable puppy went straight to the pond and laid down in the water!!  We used to have to throw him in the water if he was going to get in, and now he just jumps right in to cool off!!  Needless to say I was very JEALOUS that I am afraid to get in the dirty pond! Yah he got a bath when we got home!!

Then assumed this position.....

Please don't make fun of my green's not that bad in person...and The Hubs picked it out....

Tuesday I met a friend for a run date along Katy Trail again!  She's having boy issues so for the first mile we talked AND ran at the same time!  This is a HUGE deal for me!  And I ran at her pace, which is a bit faster than my normal pace!  We talked the whole time!  We stopped to walk after a mile so we could chat a little more, without heavy panting!  We ended up doing a little over 2 miles then recovering with a cold beer!  It was seriously 105 at 10pm last night.  CRAZINESS!!

How are you dealing with the heat if it's as hot where you live?