Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Recap

Here it really unexciting 2011 recap (both running and non)

-I was about half way through Couch 2 5K.  Still had not ran 3 full miles at this point.
-Signed papers and made an offer to build our very FIRST house!

-Completed C25K and ran my first 3 miler!  I texted The Hubs and told him I needed oxygen, and was ECSTATIC I did it!!
-Completed my first 5K, The Cowtown in 37 and some change....ran the entire thing!

-Started half marathon training....I had officially caught the running bug, and was determined to stick with it!

-Moved into our FIRST home!

-RAN MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!  The OKC Memorial Half.  A race that had a lot of meaning to me because the cause was close to my <3, and it was my first Half.  I finished, in 2:56 UNDER my goal of 3 hours!  The feeling when I crossed the finish line was more than I ever expected to feel!
-Another trip to Oklahoma full of bridal showers, a graduation, and lots of family parties!

-My best friend and my cousin got married to each other!!!  How perfect is that?!  Now my gorgeous BFF is family!  & Mrs. JJK #2!!! 

-nothing is sticking out from July....

-A trip to Colorado!!  Visits to the BIL, husbands best friend, and another cousin's wedding!
-Spent a week at summer camp with kids with asthma....and GOT PAID to do it!

-Celebrated 1 fabulous year of marriage to my Husband/Best Friend!  We had a great first year of marriage, and celebrated for a week on the beach in Galveston!
-Ran my first 5K with The Hubs!  Another one with a pretty personal meaning!  The Freedom Run which benefits the Assist The Officer foundation.  ATO helps families of injured/killed police officers.
-ANOTHER wedding....but no traveling involved this time!
-Saw Taylor Swift in daddy took us!  GREAT father/daughter/mother/sister night!

-The world got introduced to my PRECIOUS niece Krissie!
-Celebrated our FAVORITE holiday with some of our favorites...HALLOWEEN!!
-Finally got serious about running again....well kind of....
-A trip to Ohio for ANOTHER wedding!
-OSU Homecoming for the very last time with my baby sister (as a student)

-Hosted our first holiday as a married couple!  THANKSGIVING with both of our parents, my sister, and my grandparents!

-Half #2 - Dallas White Rock.  PRd 2:42!!  It was rainy and cold and it sucked but I LOVED it!
-My 26th Birthday (GEEZ Im OLD!)
-The Hubs 27th Birthday....HA he's even older!!!
-My baby sister graduated from OSU
-OSU beat OU!!!!!
-Worked all of Christmas, but had dinner with The Hubs, that's all I needed!!
-Ended the year with some FABULOUSLY AMAZING friends!!

Ok so maybe I did WAY more than I thought this year.....It was a great but BUSY year!

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