Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to be a "not" fat fat kid

When we got up this morning The Hubs and I decided to ride our bikes to the gym.  I've missed my lovely Trek.  We bought our bikes in September and were doing a REALLY good job riding them the gym, to grab dinner, to the Vitamin Shoppe.  Ya know, making use of the $800 we spent!

Then The Hubs bike got a flat tire, and we kept forgetting to take it to get it fixed, then he broke his ankle....well last week we finally got it fixed!  And today was our first gloriously leg burning ride!!  We rode to the gym, but we took the LOOOOONG, super hilly way.  Not cool for my first time on a bike in a few months....SO.NOT.COOL.  My legs were burning before we ever made it out of the neighborhood! 

At the gym we did a shoulder and back workout, then took the short way home!!

Tonight The Hubs and his friend were upstairs playing XBOX and I was bored so I decided to go for a little run.  I hooked up Knox and The Hubs friend's dog Aspen and took them for about a mile.  When I got back the boys said they wanted ice cream.....Ooooh I have serious problems saying no to ice cream.  So I justified my Root Beer Float by running to the ice cream place.  It was only about a mile away, but the boys that makes it ok right?  I ran about 2.5 miles tonight, that I wasn't planning on get ice cream.  This is how I avoid being a "fat" fat kid! 
Sorry for the terrible Iphone picture!!  Doesnt look it, but it was SO good!!

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