Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Something's going right...

Last night I ran 7.05 miles. That’s a “run with no walking” PR for me!!!!! My average pace was 11:33, and my plan called for 12:34!! I also ran my last 3 or so miles at 10:30ish…. HOLY COW!!!
Can you tell I’m a little excited about this? It kinda makes me want to run long runs every day….Well maybe not EVERY day : ) When I finished I IMMEDIATELY texted Amanda to tell her how it went, just like I did after last weeks long run!

I had a beer with my girlfriend Elisa after my run (she bartends at the bar that is conveniently located on the trail we run) then met The Hubs for dinner (he was working….24 hour Sushi restaurant!!) and met his new partner!! When I got home I took a HOT bath this time, just wasn’t feeling the ice bath, and put on the good ‘ol CEP Compression sleeves! I wore them around while I did laundry (and by “around” I mean on the couch!) and slept in them! My legs feel AMAZING today!!! I’m LOVING this plan, LOVING how I feel during/after my runs, and LOVING how much my fitness/running has improved!!!

I feel like a big part of all this improvement is my diet, and my supplementation. I drank a protein drink when I got back in the car after running last night…we just bought EAS protein and I LOVE it, like actually enjoy drinking it, I don’t have to choke it down!

I started taking women’s active multi-vitamins, and am still drinking the Amino Acid drink before runs and lifting.

I also started taking Glucosamine this week in hopes to keep my joints healthy!

Maybe I feel so good because I'm finally training properly, and maybe it's because I'm giving my body what it needs? Either way, I'm loving this!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Runners High

I decided last night when I hit the craziest mid-run Runners High I've ever had, that if everyone ran, the world would be a MUCH happier place!

I decided to keep doing my long runs on Katy Trail in Dallas.  Last night there weren't as many people as last week, but almost every person I ran by waved and/or smiled.  Runners are just happier people I think! How could you not be happy with a serious endorphin release regularly?! 

I wonder if my husband thinks I'm nicer when I'm running a lot.....?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Switching Shoes & Strawberry Milk

Ok so I keep reading all this stuff about chocolate milk post run as a recovery drink.....And I'm all about it....except for the fact that I don't like chocolate....at all....therefore I don't like chocolate milk.  I love me some strawberry milk though.,...does strawberry have the same effect/benefits?

Also I have been wearing Asics Gel Cumuls 12s....I'm on my second pair.  I want to try something different but I'm not really sure which way to go?!  I've read a lot of people like the Mizuno Wave Riders and Brooks.  Any suggestions on a new pair to try?!  Please and Thank you!!

Mmmm Margaritas...

So first off.....SkinnyRunner is giving away a pair of Mizuon Wave Rider 15s!!!  I REALLY want to win this one....Mama needs a new pair of running shoes!!!

Next - I FINALLY had a run date with O-No today!  The Hubs and I went to the gym....I did a smidge of some leg workouts, and stretched a ton.  I was surprised how awesome my legs felt after my 6 miles yesterday!

So O-No and I did 3.5 miles.  My legs were a little tired, so she ran a little faster than me...but all in all it was a good run!  Followed by a Blue Moon at our fave little bar on our running trail!  To bad it got randomly cold and started raining! 

So we came home and enjoyed these little beauties....well this is the "after".,.Mmmm Margaritas.....

And I'm sure you're sick of these pictures....who am I kidding?  How could you get sick of this face?!!? 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello Long Run & the PNW

I just finished my first LONG run on the plan Amanda @ 5MilesPastEmpty created for me!!  It was my long run that was due LAST Sunday (as in a week ago) but packing for Portland kinda snuck up on me....so I made it up today.  Yup I'm a long run short but oh well!!

Vacation was FABULOUS!!  The PNW is gorgeous for sure....but damn is the weather gloomy and cold!  It was 75* when we left Texas....so getting off the plan to snow/rain and 30* was SO not fun!  Oh well I got to snuggle, feed, rock, cuddle, and play with this face all week.....It makes the fact that I only got in 2 runs (1-1miler and 1 - 3 miler both on treadmills....BOO) all week SOOO much better!!

Isn't she the YUMMIEST thing you've ever seen?

So training is going surprisingly well this go round!  I actually ran the full 6 miles.  I stopped in the middle to stretch - I woke up from a dead sleep with the worst calf cramp I've ever had today....so some stretching was MUCH needed.  It was a solo run in the dark on a trail in Dallas that is HEAVILY populated in the evenings.  I decided this was safer than my normal run through the neighborhood/highway access road.  Then I refueled with this....

...and took an ice bath.  I have a run date tomorrow with O-No and have to have fresh legs!!

So literally the day after my sugar post....I had this....
Umm I think it was white chocolate mousse, with sprinkles (little kid style) frosted animal cookies, blackberries, gummy bears, and cookie dough.  All the toppings little kids would pick.  My FAVES!! So much for that sugar detox thing....

I am finally starting to see results in my endurance, my speed, and my body.  Eating right, keeping my carb intake low, and running and lifting are seriously starting to take a good effect on my body.  I weighed myself when I got back into town (after a week of late night pizza and 24 hour donut shops) and I had gained 4 pounds.  That was on Friday.  Today I have already lost 3 pounds, just after a few days of eating right and working out regularly!  LOVING this!!  Results make it so much easier to get off the couch!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dear Sugar....

Dear Sugar,
You are basically my arch nemesis (I feel like that's not the right term, but it sounded right in my head) I have done excellent on this Primal Diet....with the exception of you Sugar.  I can't help but take a little taste of the cookies in the breakroom at work, or say no to the ADORABLE Girl Scout that lives across the street....or resist the sticker her mom put on the 3 BOXES I ordered that says "NEED more cookies?" with her phone number and email address on it.  That pack of sour gummy worms in the cafeteria, or that my neighbor at work is snacking on...CAN'T.RESIST. Or how I torture myself watching Cupcake Wars and frequently find myself googling my next cupcake creation...for no specific ocassion. Or the intense craving I continuously have for donuts and ice cream (and YES I do want them together....) YOU ARE EVIL!!!! BUT Oh So Delicious..... 

I need a SERIOUS sugar detox.  I think this is the one thing keeping me from losing those last few pounds and getting rid of my LOVE HANDLES.  PS who named them LOVE handles?  Nothing about them resembles anything I love...except my sugar addiction maybe....And maybe making me slower?  HELP.....

Anyone have any good suggestions for a sugar detox/advice for fending off the cravings/ANYTHING TO HELP ME!!

Maybe I need therapy?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Listen Up

So I want to start this post off with something important....BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS when you run....especially when you run alone, or in the dark.  A friend of Beth (SUAR) @ Shut Up And Run went out for a run on Saturday morning, and still hasn't come back.  They found her shoe, but as of now have no other leads as to what happened.  All they know is she's still missing.

I run at night, A LOT, and alone, A LOT, and with my headphones (NEVER EVER in both ears, always just in one....) and I don't wear my music when I run in the dark.  My husband is a Police Officer, and paranoid.  Sometimes I get really annoyed with how paranoid he is...then something like this happens and I remember why he's like that, and that it's only because he loves me. 

So please please please pay attention to what's around you when you run, even during the day.  Carry pepper spray or a pocket knife, or hell even a big stick will do.  You will probably never need it....but you'll be DAMN GLAD you had it when you do.

Go visit Beth's blog, read her friend's story, and PLEASE tell someone if you know any details.

Maybe if I didn't wear running tights as regular leggings...

So the WONDERFULLY AMAZING Amanda @ 5 Miles Past Empty is a newly certified running  coach!!!  And she did me a HUGE favor!!  She made me my own personalized running plan.....and lemme just tell ya.... SO FAR I LOVE HER/IT!!!!  She took the componenets that I liked about RunLessRunFaster and Hal Higdon and married them for me!!!  I'm almost through week one and so far so good!!

Sunday (which I counted as Monday - it's setup as a Monday-Sunday plan) : 30 minutes on the bike, lifted back and shoulders

Monday & Tuesday were spent in the great (COLD, RAINY, MUDDY) outdoors!  We went camping in Oklahoma again.  I pretty much was kicking and screaming the whole way there, and ended up having a REALLY great, relaxing time!  It stormed like CRAZY Monday night, and was cold as all get out the whole time.  But it was fun!  I love spending time with The Hubs where we have nothing to do!

Wednesday - When we got home we had MUCHO errands to run, but I got in 3 slow, easy miles before we started....PS- it was like 65* outside. PERFECT weather. 

Thursday - Speed Workout 6x400m with 400m rest in between.  Ended up doing about 3.5-4 miles.  Felt good most of the time.  I'm really starting to like these speed workouts! 

When I wake up today I have 3 miles on the schedule, 3 miles on Saturday, and 6 easy miles on Sunday!!

Ok so I had an issue with my most favorite-est running tights yesterday.  It was WAY to warm to be wearing my tights...but I have this problem where I wear them as pants, with boots and a shirt.....(I totally just admitted how much of a fashion LOSER I am )...OOPS...and I was to lazy to change...I hate restrictive clothing when I'm warm.  Anyways, my legs felt like my hips were restrained or something.  Like I wasn't getting my full range of motion.  It was ANNOYING!!  I literally stripped them off the second I walked through the door!  Ever happened to you?

Friday, January 6, 2012

This weeks workouts

Quick post to keep track of my workouts...

Sunday: Recovered from NYE and worked!

Monday:  3 miles in 29:30!!!!!!!!  NEVER done this before!!!!!!
This is where I get to run sometimes....and added bonus, it's right by the Dog Park!!

Tuesday: Sat on the couch...Oops!

Wednesday: Biceps with The hubs then 30 minutes on the bike

Thursday: Workout #1 Week 1 of my training plan!  Warmup - 10 x 400m repeats with 90sec rest - cooldown

Ok there it is...!  Sorry for the boring post!!

2011 Recap

Here it is...my really unexciting 2011 recap (both running and non)

-I was about half way through Couch 2 5K.  Still had not ran 3 full miles at this point.
-Signed papers and made an offer to build our very FIRST house!

-Completed C25K and ran my first 3 miler!  I texted The Hubs and told him I needed oxygen, and was ECSTATIC I did it!!
-Completed my first 5K, The Cowtown in 37 and some change....ran the entire thing!

-Started half marathon training....I had officially caught the running bug, and was determined to stick with it!

-Moved into our FIRST home!

-RAN MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!  The OKC Memorial Half.  A race that had a lot of meaning to me because the cause was close to my <3, and it was my first Half.  I finished, in 2:56 UNDER my goal of 3 hours!  The feeling when I crossed the finish line was more than I ever expected to feel!
-Another trip to Oklahoma full of bridal showers, a graduation, and lots of family parties!

-My best friend and my cousin got married to each other!!!  How perfect is that?!  Now my gorgeous BFF is family!  & Mrs. JJK #2!!! 

-nothing is sticking out from July....

-A trip to Colorado!!  Visits to the BIL, husbands best friend, and another cousin's wedding!
-Spent a week at summer camp with kids with asthma....and GOT PAID to do it!

-Celebrated 1 fabulous year of marriage to my Husband/Best Friend!  We had a great first year of marriage, and celebrated for a week on the beach in Galveston!
-Ran my first 5K with The Hubs!  Another one with a pretty personal meaning!  The Freedom Run which benefits the Assist The Officer foundation.  ATO helps families of injured/killed police officers.
-ANOTHER wedding....but no traveling involved this time!
-Saw Taylor Swift in concert....my daddy took us!  GREAT father/daughter/mother/sister night!

-The world got introduced to my PRECIOUS niece Krissie!
-Celebrated our FAVORITE holiday with some of our favorites...HALLOWEEN!!
-Finally got serious about running again....well kind of....
-A trip to Ohio for ANOTHER wedding!
-OSU Homecoming for the very last time with my baby sister (as a student)

-Hosted our first holiday as a married couple!  THANKSGIVING with both of our parents, my sister, and my grandparents!

-Half #2 - Dallas White Rock.  PRd 2:42!!  It was rainy and cold and it sucked but I LOVED it!
-My 26th Birthday (GEEZ Im OLD!)
-The Hubs 27th Birthday....HA he's even older!!!
-My baby sister graduated from OSU
-OSU beat OU!!!!!
-Worked all of Christmas, but had dinner with The Hubs, that's all I needed!!
-Ended the year with some FABULOUSLY AMAZING friends!!

Ok so maybe I did WAY more than I thought this year.....It was a great but BUSY year!

Another training plan

After talking to The Hubs I decided I wanted to take a second look at my training plan.  I read Run Less Run Faster a few months ago, really liked the idea of their plan, then totally forgot about it for some reason.  So last night I decided to take another look at it....

I sat down with the book, a notepad and pencil, and the February issue of Runners World.... And my official training plan was born....the very first one I've done all on my own!!  I took the speed workouts from RLRF and the long runs from Hal Higdon and combined them.  RLRF's first long run is 8 slow, easy miles, but I'm just not quite ready to do 8 yet, so I started with HH's 4 mile long run for week 1.  Here's week 1 of my plan! 

I just decided I needed a little variety while increasing my endurance at the same time.

So yesterday I busted out a bicep workout and 30 minutes on the bike!  Umm I always forget how much I use my biceps when I run because DAMN they were sore while I was running today.....and so was my BUTT!  The Hubs keeps telling me the bike will make my butt perky....It's the good kind of big already, but PERKY doesn't hurt!!

                    I am majorly lacking in the "take pictures of myself while working out" department!

Today was my first run day of my RLRF/HH combined plan. 
-10 minute warmup
- 12 x 400m repeats (2:15min per repeat = 9:00min/mile)
-10 minute cooldown

I made it through 10 of them before The Hubs decided we needed to leave so he could get ready for work.  Not to shabby!!  It was a workout for sure...but I feel AWESOME now!  AND I did it on the dreadmill....I HATE the treadmill, but an interval workout wasn't NEARLY as painful as a normal run! 

I went home and downed a proten shake....then took Knox for a walk!  Since The Hubs broke his ankle Knox hasn't gotten as many walks and he's being a spaz....a quick walk around the block and he hasn't moved from here.... Mission accomplished!

I'm about to pump out a few posts about my workouts this week!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's 2012!

Super creative post title huh?

Yup that's right people...it's 2012!!  I ended 2011 with a crap-tastic 5 miler (lots of walking involved...some dog action....a few phone calls trying to make plans for the night) followed by some sister time and a LOT of champagne with some of my favorites!!

There was champagne in these babies!!  Another one of my alcoholic cupcake creations!

Happy New Year!!  <3 Jess & Knox! (The Hubs had to work :(  )

I wasn't really shooting for any major goals with my run....but it was GORGEOUS outside and I just wanted to enjoy the weather!

One VERY important running buddy is missing from this picture....but these are some of my favorites!!!
2012 is going to be a BIG year for me....I will post a goals post soon!  Lots of traveling to be done....again, one niece to spoil and another to be born....I've applied to go back to school (GASP) PS - feel special, most of my real life friends don't even know this yet! And I have some serious training/running goals! 

I was thinking of doing a 2011 recap, but there are a few months in there when nothing exciting happened....at all....but a lot of months worth recapping, so that post will come soon!