Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cha Cha Changes....

So me and The Hubs are working on a few changes.  Lets call them "Life Style Changes"

I had a mini melt down after trying on some shorts at Old Navy today...such a melt down that I turned down frozen yogurt when The Hubs asked if I wanted to stop for some.  I was feeling super fat for some reason...and this was after I worked out.  IDK where it came from?!

 My workout was good today...I did 5+ miles (20 minutes) on the bike at a level 10.  My legs were on FIRE when I was done!  Then I told The Hubs that I need some help with my workouts because I do the same things every time.  So he helped me beat my biceps to death.  Lets just say if I can lift my arms in the morning it will be a miracle!

So after my fat meltdown (I wish I meant this literally...) The Hubs and I spent some time looking up recipes for healthy meals.  We have ZERO junk food in our house.  We eat pretty good for the most part, especially when we eat at home.  But we're both really bad about eating whatever we want on our weekends.  So we've decided it's time to institute a bit of a lifestyle tweak.  We are finding more recipes for healthy stuff to mix things up a little bit.  I feel like instituting new flavors and veggies etc. will help keep us from getting bored with eating healthy.  We even went as far as to take before pictures. I am contemplating putting mine on here JUST to keep myself accountable and so eventually I can show the after pictures! 

What do you think about posting my pictures?

Anyone have any good healthy recipes to share?

Also I'm going to work super hard on keeping up with my blog a little more!  I have 8 followers now!  Woo Hoo!!!  Can anyone teach me how to get a picture at the top of my blog and how to link to other websites without putting the full web address but putting "Here" or another word for you to click on?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Feels like I'm starting over

UGH!  That is how I feel about my running right now....and I know it's my own fault

After my Half I took a week off from running...and aparently that week turned into me only running 1-2 times per week.  WTF?  How did that happen? Here's the good news...I didn't stop working out entirely..I've been hitting the gym much harder trying to strengthen up my legs to improve my running....only I forgot about the running part somehow.  I made out a pretty little training plan, started it (and by started I mean did 2 days of it...and only half the distance both days) and decided I sucked again so I stopped.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? 

Last night on the way to the gym The Hubs asked me if I was going to run (around the neighborhood behind the gym) or lift.  I made a face like I wanted to lift.  He pushed me to running, he told me I should knock out my 3 mile route I have.  So I took off running.  My legs were a little tired at first but I felt good.  The route I have behind the gym is a U shaped street that I run in off of one street and end up on the same street at the end of the U.  It's about 0.5 miles.  I finished that, then turned the corner into the bigger chunk of the neighborhood.  It was HOT and I felt dehydrated all of a sudden.  I walked...a lot...and every time I started to run again I felt like I was about to vomit my Lucky Charms (I know I know excellent run fuel right?) Then my left calf cramped up...that was new, never felt that before....  Then I ran a little more, then walked...a lot .... again. 

When I made it back to the gym (A whole 2 miles in 35 minutes later) I sat down in the floor in front of The Hubs, bright red face, and FINALLY started to sweat.  I didn't feel like I was sweating enough while I ran and that totally freaked me out.  He asked how my run went and could tell immediately by the look on my face it didn't go well.  He told me that at least I got out there, which I guess is true.  Then we had a talk about how I've been lazy in the running department, but if I stick to it I'll get back to where I was when I ran my Half....and much quicker than I did the first time. 

It's so frustrating to go backwards in your training!  I'm needing some SERIOUS motivation to keep at this!

Ever feel like you completely lost all of your training and you suddenly suck at running?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's just a number...

So every now and then a stupid number drives me crazy.  I don't look at this number very often, but when I do, generally it agitates me!

Its that pesky little number you see on the scale when you weigh yourself.....

I'm usually really good about not weighing myself at all because I know how it makes me feel.  I also know that it's more about how I look and feel and NOT about the number.

The hubs talks about his weight all the time...his goal weight, how he lost 5 pounds this week...but his number changes when he eats right and works out a lot.  Mine doesn't.  It stays the same, or even increased a pound or two....and this DRIVES ME NUTS! 

I know I'm not the only one out there who feels this way.  I eat right most of the time, I run (not as much since my half...but I'm working on that) and I've INCREASED the amount of time I spend at the gym.  I'm working really hard on stregth training right now to increase the strength in my legs to help with my running.  I feel good, and I'm relatively happy with the way I look (I have some areas that still need improvement but I'm working on legs are looking better, but my stomache needs work.)

I try really hard not to focus on that number...and keep telling myself muscle weighs more than fat....but sometimes that's just not enough!

Ok I'm over it now....just needed to get that out!  Thanks blog world for listening to me whine!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

OKC Memorial 1/2 Marathon Recap...

There are a lot of words that very appropriately describe my first 1/2 marathon experience.
The list could go on...and on...and on....

My weekend was crazy busy to start with.  We moved into our new house last I spent the whole week moving and unpacking...and not running.  I told myself I was letting my legs rest before my 1/2 so they would carry me the entire 13.1 all reality I just didn't have time to run.

I honestly have no clue what I did Friday night....But bright and early on Saturday O-No met me at our house and we loaded the car and headed to OKC.  We got into town around 1-ish.  Checked into the hotel (after driving around for 30 minutes trying to find it!) Then headed to the Expo to pick up our packets and do a little shopping.  I got a spi belt, a 13.1 sticker, and a sticker that says "Will Run for Wine!!"  And restocked on some Gu Chomps.

Next we drove to Tulsa, another 1.5 hours in the car.  My best friend and my cousin are getting married in June and their "couples shower" happened to be the day before my first Half....and it was a fiesta....and the margaritas were calling my name.  I was a good girl and only had half of one....along with the 1.5L of water I drank (That's just at the party...I drank 3.5L of water total this day!)  We stayed until around 8ish, way later than I planned....then made a 10 minute stop by my parent's house.  I felt bad that I didn't get to stay, but we HAD to get back to OKC to get some sleep.  We stopped by Zios on the way out of town....I carb loaded while driving.  That takes SERIOUS talent!

We FINALLY made it back to OKC around 10:30, said goodnight to our loves, and attempted to get some sleep.  Lets just say 4:15am came WAY to soon....this girl works night shift, 4:15am means I get to go to bed in a few hours...not that I have to get up now!

We got up, got our gear together...and headed to the lobby for breakfast.  Half of a plain bagel, some water and half an orange later....we were on our way to the start line. 

We got there SUPER early because we planned on taking shuttles, but the hotel General Manager was nice enough to drive runners back and forth in one of the hotel vans.  We decided to walk around the bombing memorial some, figure out where our corrals were, and try to meet up with friends. IT.WAS.COLD...but not that cold.  Not that cold - that I decided to wear tempo shorts and the ONLY long sleeve running top/pull over thing I have.  BAD IDEA....  O-No was complaining of the cold but I was actually ok. 

Then the lightning started....then came the down pour....and the 30 minute start delay.  Great...we've been here for an hour and a half already and now they're pushing the start back.  I texted all the people I knew were running....Amanda @ 5MilesPastEmpty and I were supposed to meet (My blogger idle!!) but thanks to the weather that didn't happen.  O-No and I hid in a parking garage attempting to stay as dry as possible until the race started.

At 6:30 ish we decided to head to the start line.  I was already soaking wet....and freezing cold. 

It took us almost 10 minutes to get across the start line from the time we "started." And was COLD. and WET.

We started off running just outside of the memorial.  There were people already stopping to pee because we never found the porta-potties at the start line.  There was a decent sized hill within the first mile or 2.  I told O-NO I was going to dominate the hill....and we did just that.  I had to keep myself at a pretty slow pace or I never would have made it to the finish.  Honestly I waited to long after my run to finish my recap so there's a lot of details I don't remember specifically!  I remember being numb from head to toe the ENTIRE time.  I remember people dressed in banana suits just before we ran up "gorilla hill."  I remember running the first 6 miles STRAIGHT without stopping....until I just couldn't hold my bladder any more and we stopped to pee, then I ran another 2.5 miles before I stopped to walk, and being INCREDIBLY impressed with myself.  I remember  trying to stretch in the porta-potty line but getting no relief from my frozen muscles.  I remember all the AMAZING people standing on the side of the course cheering us on, despite the cold and rain!  The frequent water stops, the stop with GUs and the lady that let me switch my chocolate mint for a vanilla one!  Haha I hate chocolate, so what was the point in wasting a GU?  I also remember how awesome O-No was in the end....cheering me on and encouraging me even though I wanted to walk!

Looking back at the pictures online is funny...I'm smiling in EVERY one of them!! I definitely didn't feel like smiling but some how I was! 

When we were about half a mile from the finish line, I realized I had a blister on the back of my right heel that was bleeding all over my shoe, and wondered how I JUST NOW realized this.  Then this super sweet lady told me that it can't hurt any more than it does right now!  That was an excellent point...and it definitely helped me make it to the finish! 

I finished in 2:53.  My goal time was under 3 hours, so I beat my goal with a few minutes to spare! 

I crossed the finish line and my legs just went completely retarded.  I couldn't walk straight, my back and my legs hurt, I was cold, and I was wet.  I took a water and a cheeseburger but couldn't even hold them I was so cold.  I took maybe 2 bites from the burger and gave the water to O-No.  Then we made the LONG truck back to the van....I shivered the ENTIRE way back to the hotel, took a hot shower, put on every dry piece of clothing I could find....and took a 30 minute nap in the bed.  Ugh the ride home was miserable!  I had to have O-No drive because my back hurt so bad, the only position I got any relief in was on my side laying flat.  Once we made it back to Texas I took a hot bath, some ibuprofen, and laid around with the Hubs. 

As miserable as the weather was I am totally addicted to Half Marathons and can't wait to run another one!

I will update with more details as I remember them!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I know that all 3 of my followers are just DYING for my OKC 1/2 race recap...and I's coming!! 

We moved into our new house 2 weeks ago, and STILL don't have internet...don't get me started on how ANNOYING I think AT&T is!

  Writing a race recap on my Iphone doesn't sound like fun, and I've been busy at work lately. But I PROMISE it's coming!!  Is the anticipation just KILLING you?

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Today is the day!!! 13.1 in OKC here I come!! My first half marathon!!