Monday, January 2, 2012

It's 2012!

Super creative post title huh?

Yup that's right's 2012!!  I ended 2011 with a crap-tastic 5 miler (lots of walking involved...some dog action....a few phone calls trying to make plans for the night) followed by some sister time and a LOT of champagne with some of my favorites!!

There was champagne in these babies!!  Another one of my alcoholic cupcake creations!

Happy New Year!!  <3 Jess & Knox! (The Hubs had to work :(  )

I wasn't really shooting for any major goals with my run....but it was GORGEOUS outside and I just wanted to enjoy the weather!

One VERY important running buddy is missing from this picture....but these are some of my favorites!!!
2012 is going to be a BIG year for me....I will post a goals post soon!  Lots of traveling to be done....again, one niece to spoil and another to be born....I've applied to go back to school (GASP) PS - feel special, most of my real life friends don't even know this yet! And I have some serious training/running goals! 

I was thinking of doing a 2011 recap, but there are a few months in there when nothing exciting all....but a lot of months worth recapping, so that post will come soon!

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Anonymous said...

glad you had a good new years! cant wait to read your goals