Thursday, March 31, 2011

An hour and a bath

My Garmin still isn't here!  I ordered it from Amazon last Friday and it's still not here....longest week EVER!

I ran for an hour today.....for an hour STRAIGHT...ok thats a lie I stopped for 5 minutes to help Ringo the pitbull find his home (His owner said he just had his ACL repaired and wasn't allowed to run or be out....and they thought someone might have broken into their house while they were gone because he was locked up in the bedroom....I didn't stick around to find out, but SCARY!!)

I would like to thank someone...unfortunately I can't remember who or find the post...but when I remember I will give credit where credit is due!  Anyways I want to thank whoever it was for their post about those runs where you are your biggest fan vs. the runs where you tear yourself down.  I know my biggest issue with all this running madness is the mental part.  I get so down on myself, fixate on how my breathing got out of control for a split second so now I'm to tired to run, or my ankle popped and felt funny for a minute so I should probably stop.  This post talked about talking yourself up...telling yourself how awesome you are, how good you look, and how great you run.  Tonight I ran for an hour myself, no husband, no dog...just me and my Kesha Pandora radio station...and my thoughts of course. My thoughts of how awesome I am....  AND I TOTALLY ROCKED IT! I have no clue how far, because the app on my Iphone is crap...and I kind of don't care...(Thats totally a lie...Im having to contain myself from getting in my car and driving my route in the middle of the night!) Anyways I maintained a good pace, my breathing was good, my legs felt awesome, and I got lost...well not lost but I had NO idea where I was, so at that point I just turned around and retraced my steps.  Oops! Michael was at the gym and I ran in the neighborhood behind the gym.  When Michael finished working out he got in the car and started driving around looking for me because he forgot his phone....It was right at an hour when he found me, and I felt like I could have kept going... It felt SO good to just run, not worry about keeping up with someone else or anything else...just me and my run. 

Ah-Ha! Found it!  Go check out and read her post called Cheerleading and Speed....Thanks Janae!  I finally found my motivation...MYSELF!

Oh and have I ever mentioned how much I love Epson Salt baths?  Because I do...try one...they are amazing!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Garmin...& another race!

I-GET-MY-GARMIN-THIS-WEEKEND!!!!!  I scrounged up enough loose cash around the house, car, uncashed random checks, and bags to get my Garmin watch finally!  The hubs told me today I can get it this weekend!! (we've been saving every penny to put down on our house, so I've been waiting patiently!)

Also....I registered for another 5K before my half in May!  April 9 I'm going to run the White Rock 5K in Dallas, the proceeds go to benefit the Assist the Officer foundation.  ATO is a foundation that helps police officers and their families if they are injured or killed in the line of duty.  Hopefully I will never need that help, but it's an awesome cause to donate to!  If you live anywhere close, come run with me!!

Monster Hills

Tuesday I set out for 7 miles with the hubs! It only took us 2 hours to actually get started...haha Oops! I needed to restock on some Gels/ I made a trip to Lukes Locker, about a 10-15 minute drive from the house. Michael stayed in the car, then wondered what took me so long (Hello, you sent me into a RUNNING store...ALONE...duh it took me forever!!) I can't decide STILL what I like best, so I got a few new flavors of Gu Gels, some strawberry Shot Blocks, and a pack of Watermelon Gus.
Next we wanted to run somewhere new, so using our fancy phones we found a new park to run in....after driving around for 30-45 minutes trying to make up our minds! Good thing we didn't have anything to do until later that night! So we set out with a goal of running this "trail" that was supposed to be 2.3 miles long 3 times. We got started and i was feeling awesome....until I saw this MONSTER of a hill, which I ran up....which was followed by another MONSTER of a hill, which I walked up. We both were out of breath just walking up these hills. It was a gorgeous trail though! Through a park then behind these really pretty houses! We saw lots of animals which is always a plus! (I need to get better at taking pictures!)

The last half or so was through a neighborhood...much more my style! The hubs blood sugar likes to give us problems so we stopped after the first round and snacked at my car...yah I had a full blown selection of snacks in my car....Told you I am a FAT KID at heart! We finished a little over 10K (6.5 miles total I think...) We walked probably 2 miles of it, that's the farthest I've gone, and a smart someone named AMANDA (@ 5MilesPastEmpty) told me walking is I'm trying not to kill myself!
Tuesday night was Hooters night! Haha ok we don't have a regularly scheduled Hooters night...I don't really even like their wings....but it was a fund raiser for one of the associations affiliated with The Hubs work. He is a police officer, so we try to participate in as many of these types of things as we can! Besides who can pass up a good night with friends?
Pictures to come!! 
Also will someone PLEASE teach me how to tag other blogs in my posts!?? (For example I want to be able to do it so you could click on 5MilesPastEmpty above and it link back to her blog!) Please and Thank You?!

New house & Mexican food

Soo I'm really loving that I figured out how to blog from work!

I took Monday night off....went by our new house (Yup!! Me and the hubs are building a house!  And it actually looks like a house now!!!!!) To check out our floors, granite countertops, and light fixtures!  We are completely obsessed with our house, and go by AT LEAST once a week to see the progress....Once a week is a huge improvement from every other day like we did for a while!  I can't wait to move in!!!

After walking through our house and chatting with a neighbor, we had a dinner date at On The Border.  I got an intense craving for Mexican food at work Sunday night...Nope I'm not pregnant I just LOVE Mexican food!  I could eat it never get bored!  After dinner we didn't leave the couch for a few hours...I napped while Michael caught up on Heroes (Thank you NetFlix for the hubs new obsession...) Michael got a phone call and we went into Dallas to have a few drinks with a friend.  We are complete night owls and drive 30 miles for drinks at 11pm on a Monday.  Don't be jealous of our rockstar life style (YAH RIGHT!!!)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sidewalk : 1, Jessica : 0

Yup that's right....I had a run in with the sidewalk on Saturday.  An ugly one.  I took the puppy out for a jog when I woke up yesterday afternoon (I work I don't sleep until the afternoon for no reason!).  I decided to try out running north of my house instead of south.  So we took off, and I was feeling REALLY good!  We hit a busy street right outside my neighborhood.  Dumb I know why Amanda avoids running out of her neighborhood!  There was SO much traffic!  My puppy-love was doing great, staying super close, until I tripped...rolled my ankle...and FACE PLANTED on the sidewalk.  I accidentally let go of his leash and he stepped into the street BRIEFLY then ran to my rescue when he realized I was on the  ground!  Such a good puppy!  I sat on the ground for a minute and started to pet the dog...a sad attempt at playing it off!  I got up and attempted to start running again...pain in my ankle, my left knee hurt, my hands and leg were all scraped I said forget it and walked home.  I made a couple more run attempts but they didn't last long.  1.77 miles...longest walk home EVER.  I tried to take a picture, but it didn't turn out good...I'm sure you can imagine it!!

So... Sidewalk : 1
        Jessica : 0

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A million years later....

I finally post again!  PS- I just figured out how to post from work (every time I've tried before it blocked me...stupid internet "social networking" filter!)  It's ok, I've officially defeated the filter!! & work posting is great because it helps fill my down time!  (It's RSV season, so our patients aren't crazy busy currently...) 

Also it's been a while  because my internet wasn't working for a few days after our trip to Houston...old man that lives behind us clipped our internet wire because he kept tripping over it while working in his yard.  Thanks for that!

So like I said the Hubs and I went to Houston on Sunday to visit his family....always a good time!  His aunts are all school teachers, so everyone was on Spring Break!  (I miss spring break!!)  We ate a TON while we were there, because we all love to go out to eat.  And there's this magical place called Shipley Donuts....and by magical I mean warm, soft, sprinkly iced goodness!  Yup his aunt kept making fun of me because I get the same donuts as the kids...Mmmm Sprinkles!  We ran twice while we were there (drove down Sunday night came back Wednesday night.)

Monday morning- we ran 3.6 miles through his aunt's neighborhood.  Its HUMID in Houston, like real real humid, and it rained right before we ran, so it was EXTRA HUMID....and they were mowing the grass...but overall a good sweaty grassy run! 

Monday night I was talking running with the hubs uncle, who is all of 6 years older than me!  He mentioned how he runs 9 miles once a week and suggested we go for a run with him Tuesday morning.  I agreed, thinking I had ran 6 miles before and could pump out 9 if I walked some.  So optimistic and excited we drove to his house Tuesday morning, got in some play time with the kiddos, then set out for our run.  Remember that rain from the day before?  Uh trail run + day of rain = 10lb shoes covered in mud. I have NEVER ran on anything but pavement...and we ran through an open field basically that had a creek in the middle of it.  A muddy, uneven, open field.  Lets just say this run SUCKED!  I looked at my phone (because I still don't have my Garmin) feeling like I'd ran 10 miles, and was barely at 2 miles! We finished 5.6 miles, at least half of which I walked.  My legs hurt, I couldn't breath, my ankles hurt from trying not to trip every 5 seconds....UGLY.  And totally mentally defeating.  I was upset the rest of the day because I did so bad! 

How do you feel about trail runs? 

More to come about the rest of my week....including how the sidewalk defeated me on Friday!  I guess I should probably do some work!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Foam Roller = AMAZING

So I did 2 miles on the treadmill yesterday in the new New Balances.  They slid off the back of my ankles and my knee started to hurt shortly after I started.  I decided they probably weren't the right shoes....sooo we went back to the running store today (a different one..) and I liked this one a lot better!!

I ended up with a pair of Aasics!  This girl actually let me run around the block outside to try these out! 

I laced up my new shoes and ran 4.6 miles with the hubs and puppy.  The new shoes felt good at first, but my feet started to hurt a little and my toes got numb about half way through.  Is this just because I ran that far in BRAND SPAKIN NEW shoes?  Any advice on this anyone?  I feel like maybe I should break them in a mile or two at a time, not 4 at a time, but I'm not sure. 

Also freakish fact about me: My right foot is half a size bigger than my left!

The girl at the running store told me that if I worked on my abs and core that my hip flexor might start to hurt after the run we went to the dog park (Puppy-Love needed some play time) then the gym!  And guess what? THE GYM GOT A FOAM ROLLER!!!!!!!!!!!  It was laying in the middle of the floor calling my name!  So I foam rolled....and grinned like an idiot the entire time!  Thanks Janae for the foam roller video!!!

I did abs....abs....and more abs.  I'm not going to be able to get out of bed tomorrow!  No pain no gain right?

My new Kicks!!
Does anyone have any input on breaking in shoes?

Do you keep a running journal?  I bought a purple notebook yesterday to start writing down my runs!

Also how do I tag someone in my posts so you can click on their name and link back to their page?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Shoes New Shoes!!!!!!!

I got new shoes last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The hubs took me to the running store just to "browse" and figure out what kind of shoes I need...and we ended up buying a pair!!  I've been running in the Sauconys i bought almost a year ago...nothing special, just something I bought at Famous Footwear.  And they suck!

I have high arches and have already had one bunyonectomy....HATE that word!  So I have a pin in my big toe!  I decided I needed shoes that fit me right and were made more specifically for my type of feet!

So I got a pair of New Balances (WR870CB I think)....on my way to try them out right now!

If someone will tell me how to post pictures to my posts I'll put up a picture!  I'll let ya know how they work out!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Woo Hoo 6 Miles!!!!!!

I ran 6 MILES tonight!!!!!!!!!!!  The hubs went with me, and it was COLD and WINDY (Ok in Texas 55 degrees = cold...I know some of you are running in MUCH colder weather right now, so appologizing now for being a wuss!!) 

The first 3 miles of our run were against the wind...NOT FUN!  We stopped at about mile 3 and walked for a minute, and I stretched out my legs.  My hip flexor is still bothering me, so the mid run stretch helped a lot! 

The second 3 miles were SO much easier! I never thought that I would say that!  I looked at my Iphone somewhere between mile 3 and 4 and I was running at a 9:34 pace!  I ran my 5k last week at 11:00, and this was with 3 miles down already!  Talk about a mid run confidence booster!! (I downloaded an app that tracks distance, time, and pace until I get my Garmin watch!'s a pain to take my phone out and look, and it doesn't work perfectly, but it will do.)

The husband is awesome and encourages me the whole time we run, gives me high fives at random times when we talk about how far we've gone or how my stride is better and my breathing is under control!  He ran a lot in the Police Academy so this all seems so easy for him! 

I was so proud of myself, I was able to carry on a conversation the ENTIRE run!!  When we got back to the start of the trail it was only 5.4 miles and we started to walk towards the car...I decided I set out for 6 miles so I was determined to finish 6 miles, so we started running again....and we did 6 miles!!  I stretched out really good and downed a gatorade when we got back to the car.  We went to the Vitamin Shop and got some protein powder for me to refuel with after my runs.  I made a smoothie when I got home and it tasted just like the Protein Berry Workout from Jamba Juice!  Yumminess!!

I made spaghetti with whole wheat corkscrew pasta, and sauteed squash and a yellow bell pepper to add to the sauce!  It was good!

I took an Epsom salt bath after dinner, and my legs feel SO much better already!  I have a 4 mile run planned for tomorrow...but we'll see how my legs feel!

As soon as I figure out how to upload pictures to my posts I will!  My husband keeps asking why I'm taking pictures of my food, and when I say for my blog he looks at me like I'm crazy!  Oh well....I think secretly that's part of the reason he loves me!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hip Flexors are the DEVIL!

Ahhh my hip flexor hurts like CRAZY!! 

 I did a whole 15 minutes of a Jillian Michaels DVD on Thursday....She's the devil too but I love her!

I ran 2.7 miles yesterday, with my spaztastic dog (yup I just made up a word....You know you like it and want to use it now!!)  My hip flexor hurt yesterday morning, but I decided to run anyways.  My run felt GREAT and my hip didn't hurt at all during my run.  I logged the 2.7 miles in about 40 minutes, it was slow, I walked a smidge (My 8 month old puppy still has his "man-hood" so he stops to pee on EVERYTHING)  but I feel bad not taking him occassionally...he loves it, but some day he WILL make me break my leg!  He's clumsy, and I'm our clumsiness together is bound to = disaster eventually!

I feel SO much better when I've ran....I was in a funk all night Thursday and I think it's because I didn't run.....Ever happen to you?

I'm off to stretch the Ba-Jesus out of my hip flexor, then sleep time!

I have a run date with O-No today!  We're planning on 6 miles!  I've never ran that far before so we'll see how it goes!! 

I'm newly obsessed with taking pictures of my food (Thanks HungryRunnerGirl!) I have a secret plan of not moving off the couch, watching NetFlix and making/eating a yummy dinner tonight....maybe even some cookies!  If I somehow feel productive I will post pictures of our Yumminess! (After I ROCK my 6 miles of course!....possitive thinking leads to possitive results right??)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

GUs & a Garmin.....

So after Saturday I'm super pumped for my Half Marathon training!  I went to the gym and lifted Monday night, but chose to do no cardio.  I've been talking about a Garmin watch since Saturday, and researching to figure out which one I want.  The hubs made a pretend "deal" with me and told me if I could run 5 miles straight he would go buy me the watch....well good thing it was a joke because I was a little less disappointed that I didn't do it!  We ran 2 miles around a new park, drove home to drop the dog off (after a little dog park time of course) then set out for 3 more.  I only ran 2 more but decided I would take a break, rehydrate, and run 1 more.  The Hubs talked me out of the last mile so I didn't over do it.  (Thanks for that one!)

So do my miles count towards longer runs if I split them up?  Obviously 4 miles isn't that long of a run but as my distances increase is it better to do it all at once or just get the miles in?

Then I proceeded to eat like a fat kid.....On The Border, BEER....and a late night plate of cheese fries The Hubs ate most of them)...Yup this is why I run!

I had to work Wednesday night, so most of my day consisted of a lovely nap (after running errands of course.)  So I got in a quick 2 miles before heading to work.  Working night shift totally makes it more difficult to squeeze in runs.  I get home/in bed around 8am and sleep until 3-4pm.  I leave my house at 6 to go back to work, so I only have 2-3 hours to eat, run, and shower......

I tried out the GU Chomps on Tuesday, strawberry I think.  Not to bad but not really easy to eat while running.  What are your favorite GUs/Gels?
Which Garmin watch do you recommend?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My very first blog!!

Not that I think anyone will read this....ever....but here goes!!

My name is Jessica and I'm on a mission to run a half marathon.  I started the Couch25K program about 9-10 weeks ago, and completed my very first 5K on Saturday!  I did the CowTown 5K in Fort Worth, TX.  It was awesome!  There were tons of people, and I had my friend O-No by my side the whole time telling me I was doing awesome. 

 I never realized how much it helps to have someone cheering you on!  The husband is great encouragment on our runs, and I need it because the biggest challenge for me in all of this is myself.  

  Every time we passed a group of people cheering on the sidewalk I couldn't help but smile!  The first mile sucked, there were SO many people I couldn't get into a good groove.  The second mile was much better, until my shoe came untied!!  We were running through a neighborhood so we were dodging cars trying to make it up the street.  I finished in 37 even, which I feel like that was SUPER slow, but O-No keeps telling me it was great.  Coming around the corner and up the hill and seeing that finish line was an AWESOME feeling.  I realize a 5K seems like nothing to some of you....but it was a HUGE accomplishment for me!  I am NOT a runner and never have been....but somehow I fell into this Love/Hate relationship with running and can't seem to stop!

After finishing this run I've decided I'm going to register for the OKC Bombing Memorial Half in May.  I remember when the bombing happened, I was in elementary school.  My dad was a firefighter and spent a lot of time in OKC helping look for people afterwards.  This race has a lot of special meaning to me.

   I realize that's a little quick to go from a 5K to a half....but I'm motivated beyond belief right now, and I'm going to try!  I have a great group of girls that will be running by my side!