Friday, January 13, 2012

Maybe if I didn't wear running tights as regular leggings...

So the WONDERFULLY AMAZING Amanda @ 5 Miles Past Empty is a newly certified running  coach!!!  And she did me a HUGE favor!!  She made me my own personalized running plan.....and lemme just tell ya.... SO FAR I LOVE HER/IT!!!!  She took the componenets that I liked about RunLessRunFaster and Hal Higdon and married them for me!!!  I'm almost through week one and so far so good!!

Sunday (which I counted as Monday - it's setup as a Monday-Sunday plan) : 30 minutes on the bike, lifted back and shoulders

Monday & Tuesday were spent in the great (COLD, RAINY, MUDDY) outdoors!  We went camping in Oklahoma again.  I pretty much was kicking and screaming the whole way there, and ended up having a REALLY great, relaxing time!  It stormed like CRAZY Monday night, and was cold as all get out the whole time.  But it was fun!  I love spending time with The Hubs where we have nothing to do!

Wednesday - When we got home we had MUCHO errands to run, but I got in 3 slow, easy miles before we started....PS- it was like 65* outside. PERFECT weather. 

Thursday - Speed Workout 6x400m with 400m rest in between.  Ended up doing about 3.5-4 miles.  Felt good most of the time.  I'm really starting to like these speed workouts! 

When I wake up today I have 3 miles on the schedule, 3 miles on Saturday, and 6 easy miles on Sunday!!

Ok so I had an issue with my most favorite-est running tights yesterday.  It was WAY to warm to be wearing my tights...but I have this problem where I wear them as pants, with boots and a shirt.....(I totally just admitted how much of a fashion LOSER I am )...OOPS...and I was to lazy to change...I hate restrictive clothing when I'm warm.  Anyways, my legs felt like my hips were restrained or something.  Like I wasn't getting my full range of motion.  It was ANNOYING!!  I literally stripped them off the second I walked through the door!  Ever happened to you?

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