Monday, March 26, 2012

Primal Pancakes

I know I haven't posted in a while....I've been busy, with what? I have NO CLUE!!

My workouts lately have been pretty intense...and in my garage!!!  I am going on 3 weeks now doing the BodyRock.TV workouts every day, and I am seeing HUGE changes in my body!!  I seriously suggest you check out their website!!!!!  My husband keeps making comments about how good my legs look, and my back....and today I laid out in a bikini and felt COMFORTABLE in it for the first time since early in college!!!  Seriously, go check it out!!

Tonight I did some GOOGLING for a new primal recipe....and I found this recipe for Paleo Protein pancakes (No grain, No sugar!)  They are AMAZING...and taste like REAL pancakes!!! 

4 eggs
1 mashed up banana
1/2 cup almond butter
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2tsp baking powder
sprinkle of cinnamon

Mix 'em all together, and pour about 1/3 cup of the mixture into a HOT, well greased pan, but keep it on a low setting, around 2-4!  Flip after they start to bubble (when they're ready they will come up really easily) and cook for about another 30 seconds or so, until they look done.  Mine looked a SMIDGE burnt on the first side I cooked, but they didn't taste burnt at all!  They were SO good!!  I topped mine with a little butter and some LITE syrup, literally a few drops.  You could use more almond butter, or fruit....or whatever you want!! SO GOOD!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Primal friendly Banana Muffins

Sometimes I get sick of eating yogurt with fruit and nuts for breakfast every day (Ok Ok I'll be honest, breakfast for me is really lunch for ya'll...remember I work night shift, I wake up at noon on a good day!!!)  So I was REALLY excited to find this recipe!!

I stumbled upon this Recipe on Pinterest tonight....I told ya'll I was obsessed....

Anyways the Pinterest recipe is healthy, but calls for Stevia and Oats, according to The Primal  Diet Oats are a grain and we try to avoid I made some substitutions.  These were AMAZING (as in so good my Husband and his best friend LOVED them.....this best friend eats grain all the time...)  They're not only healthy, Primal friendly, but they also have PROTEIN, something I know a lot of us have difficulty getting enough of in our regular diets (I know I drink most of mine....)

So here's MY version of these banana muffins!! 

Banana muffins

2 eggs
1 cup almond flour
1 banana
1/2 c honey
1tsp baking soda
1tsp baking powder
1tsp cinnamon
dash pumpkin pie spice
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
1/2c nonfat plain yogurt

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  Grease muffin tins (I used spray Pam) and fill about 2/3 full.  Bake at 350* for 15 minutes, and enjoy!
They don't look very pretty but they were YUMMY!!

 The Hubs added a few dark chocolate chips to some and said it was really good (I don't like chocolate.....*Insert eye roll here.....*)  I also made some with chopped almonds in them, and that was awesome as well!!  Add anything you like!  Next time I'm going to add the blueberries I have in the fridge!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Biceps and Sexy Beasts

I've been doing the BodyRock.TV workouts, but supplementing them with some gym workouts of my own too!  Today I was ready to go to the gym before BodyRock posted their workout (Damn Australian time!!) So I did my own workout! 
3 sets of each circuit

-Bicep curls 12.5lbs x 10
-Box jumps x 10

 (Start with a bar - I do 20lb bar - hands about shoulder width apart, bar down by your legs, for "1" lift the bar up until your arms are at a 90* angle - bent at the elbows - then go back down, that's one set of "1" do that 10 times, then for "2" start where 1 ends, in the 90* angle, and bring the bar all the way up to your shoulders, go back to the 90* angle, for one set, do 10 of these, then "3" do a full bicep curl, from starting at the legs ending up at your shoulders - 10 of these-  **This is only one set!!***
-jump rope 30 sec

-hammer curls 12.5lbs x 10
-burpees x 10

-Upright rows  (Holding a bar or dumbell) hands close together, bring them up to your chin, then back down to your legs)
-squats holding 20lb weights
-Reverse Crunches (Lay on your back, raise your legs up straight, lift your butt off the floor using your abs)

Then I did some more random ab stuff....They were BURNING by the time I was done!!

When I got home I made this......Zucchini pizzas!!!  Of course I found it on Pinterest.....

--Slice up a few zucchinis long - ways (I used regular cucumber shaped zucchinis, but aparently there are big squash shaped ones too!)
--Broil or grill them for about 10 minutes - just until they start to cook but don't let them burn!
--Top with spaghetti sauce/tomato sauce of choice (I used tomato basil pasta sauce from the farmers market!)
--Add shredded mozarella (I used the blocks of Lucerne mozarella, there's nothing in it but CHEESE!! No grain, wheat etc.)
--Then top with your favorite toppings!!
--Put back in the broiler/on the grill until the cheese melts (I like mine a SMIDGE on the crispy side, so it was about 5-8 minutes!)

They were a SUCCESS!!! The Hubs LOVED them!!  Healthy way to get your veggies and your pizza fix!!!
Here's why you should eat your Veggies......

Be a SEXY BEAST!!!  Eat Your Veggies!!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Burning Boobies workout...

First of all is Boobies the appropriate plural (sp?) word for boobs?  And when I say boobies I really mean chest.... but boobies is more fun to say!  (My boobs don't physically hurt.....they are however shrinking....)  My chest muscles are burning today!!!

Normally I workout with my Husband.  He's been lifting weights for as long as I've known him (10 years this month!!) so I figure he's had enough trail and error for the both of us, and taken a few classes!  So most of my weight lifting workouts are lifting stuff he does....I just add in some stuff in between to up the intensity!! 

So here's the chest workout I did Thursday (minus the Hubby - he was helping a friend move!)

HIIT run:
5 minute warmup @ 3.5mph
20sec @ 9mph
45sec recovery @ 3.5-4 mph

Repeat x 6 (I normally do 8-10 but I had to work Thursday night)

CHEST workout:

Chest dumbell presses - 15lbs x 10 (this is an increase in weight for me finally!! Imagine you're doing a bench press but with dumbells)
Flys - 5lbs x 10 (Laying on a bench put both arms straight up above your chest then open your arms so they end up out at your side - like your body is making a "t")
Squats - holding a10lb weight - x10
Jump Rope x 1min

Repeat 3 times!

Fly Machine - 35lbs x 10
Calf raises x 20 (I do these on the machine or holding a 10-20lb weight)
Jump Rope x 30sec.

Repeat 3 times!

I also threw in some Abs at the end on an ab machine!

This was an AWESOME workout, and had me sweating like CRAZY!! I love making my workouts into circuits because then you don't have that down time while you rest in between're resting one set of muscles while working another, and get more of your workout in a shorter period of time!  My husband and I also prefer to "kill" one or two groups of muscles instead of doing full body workouts.  This is just our personal choice though....

I've been working out for a while, so these are the weights I use....feel free to start with a lower amount of weight and work your way up as that starts to get easy!  I've seen a big difference in my muscles, the way my body looks, and more recently my weight, since I started doing these type of workouts!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Skinny isn't Sexy...


I found this quote on Pinterest  today....then I read a few posts @ HungryRunnerGirl about the same subject, and it got me thinking.....

Sorry for the Iphone screen shot!!

"Strong is the new Skinny" is my new favorite quote....and I seriously repeat this to myself ALL THE TIME!  Skin & Bones is not sexy....lean muscle and a toned body IS!! (MY personal opinion....)

As women we all struggle with the WANT to look like Victoria's Secret models & the models we see on TV/in magazines.  I constantly show my husband pictures of "what I want to look like" and he's CONSTANTLY pointing out the AIRBRUSHING...and reminding me how unrealistic and UNHEALTHY that is (I have a good Hubby!!!)  I have recently gotten very into strength training, and the more Pinterest stalking and fitness reading I do the more I'm realizing the fitness world is pushing for STRENGTH NOT SKINNINESS!!!!!  And I <3 IT!!  As Janae put it, we only have one let's take care of it, let's eat HEALTHY and exercise!

For those of you that don't have to work to be skinny....More power to you.  For those of us that have to work at it, let's make it our goal to be strong and fit, not "skinny." 

I'm not going to pretend like I don't weigh myself, and yes sometimes I still dwell on that STUPID #, but I've made it my goal to not let it control my life.
 So when you workout and gain muscle, how you feel and how your body looks is WAY more important than that #. 

I've been posting my workouts, and once I master taking a self picture with my Iphone, I plan on posting pictures to share my results (yes, this is SCARY...but I figure motivation comes from seeing results so I'm going to show you mine!)  Besides I have like 3 readers, so who's gonna see it?!

My goal is to motivate others to be STRONG and FIT.  Hope I can help!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cowtown Half recap...a disappointing PR

First of all.... The Cowtown celebrates my 1st Runniversary!!!  The Cowtown 5k was my very first race!!! 

Aparently running a HILLY Half Marathon with no hill training leads to a slightly disappointing, crying crossing the finish line PR....(Thats what I get for not looking at the elevation more than an hour before the race...)
Team Got The Runs!!! 

I finished in BIGGEST goal was to finish the whole thing without walking.  I accomplished this, well sorta..... I walked through the water stops (that was in the plan) RAN up the BIGGEST hill I've ever seen (maybe I'm being a LITTLE sarcastic...) but seriously it was almost a mile long.  And when we reached the top and thought it was over....Noooooo we turned a corner and kept going up hill.  SERIOUSLY?! Who does that?!  The only walking that happened that I didn't plan on was within the last mile.... my back spasmed.  Big time....and it bad I cried for the last .75 miles.  (I have 2 unhealed fractures in the bottom of my spine from falling through my parent's attic in highschool....the injury was so bad I had to quit playing softball...)

The sad thing about all this is my legs felt good for the most part.  I did 10 miles last weekend and felt good....they were a little sore and tired but not my biggest problem.  UGH frustrating!

This was not my goal race....I still have 4 weeks left of training.  So I can't be THAT frustrated.  But I am....and I PRd....and my ankles didn't bleed!!!! what's to complain about?

I'm going to the Dr. tomorrow to get my back checked out (I'm being a responsible blogger/runner!) When I got home today I was ready to give up....BUT I'm not going to get defeated THAT easily!

However Olivia got her 2 hour goal!!! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

HIIT Training

Let me start this off by saying HOLY BUCKETS OF SWEAT, followed ever so kindly by HOLY BURNING QUADS!

I have been doing some reading into H.I.I.T. High Intensity Interval Training.  According to the research I've done (let's be clear....not the "published specific research information" required for my nursing job, but the "reading lots of blog posts/sports nutrition/training website" type of research.)  Anyways the research I've found has lots of  good things to say about HIIT.  Basically you are doing short bursts of maximum intensity with recovery in between.  This is AMAZING for fat burning.... again according to the research I've done. 

The past 2 weeks I have been in serious Half Marathon training mode, but managed to work a few HIIT runs into my training plan.  Last week my legs were extremely tired the day or two after my first HIIT run, so I took a few days off to recover for my 10miler I did on Sunday.  This week is TAPER MADNESS!!!!!!!!  And I'm struggling BIG time at it!  So Tuesday night I completed this workout.....and have not run much since! (that's what we call FORCED recovery!)

I do these on the treadmill
Warmup : 5 minutes @ 3.5mph
15sec. @ 9pm
45sec Recovery @3.5

Repeat 10 times
(I varied my sprints between 15sec and 30 sec, but always kept the 45sec recovery)

Cooldown : 5 minutes @ 3.0-3.5

The object of these types of workouts is to GIVE IT YOUR ALL!  You should be feeling like you're going to die at the end of your sprint, and you should be sweating BUCKETS!  Now I have a pretty good cardio base already, so if you're interested in adding a few of these into your workouts you might want to start your sprints a little slower.  You should be able to finish them, but it needs to be HARD!  I seriously sweat more than I have in a LONG time doing these!  It took me 26 minutes total (warmup and cooldown included) and was around 2.5 miles. As this starts to get easier, I will increase my time, the interval speed, and the # of intervals! 

Here are a couple of the resources I've found information on.....
BePrettyThinkPretty (search HIIT on her blog...)
Blonde Ponytail

Let me know what you think!  I will repost an update in a few weeks and let you know if I'm seeing any results!
Here's a little motivation.....
This pic came from FitPit's facebook page!