Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello Long Run & the PNW

I just finished my first LONG run on the plan Amanda @ 5MilesPastEmpty created for me!!  It was my long run that was due LAST Sunday (as in a week ago) but packing for Portland kinda snuck up on I made it up today.  Yup I'm a long run short but oh well!!

Vacation was FABULOUS!!  The PNW is gorgeous for sure....but damn is the weather gloomy and cold!  It was 75* when we left getting off the plan to snow/rain and 30* was SO not fun!  Oh well I got to snuggle, feed, rock, cuddle, and play with this face all week.....It makes the fact that I only got in 2 runs (1-1miler and 1 - 3 miler both on treadmills....BOO) all week SOOO much better!!

Isn't she the YUMMIEST thing you've ever seen?

So training is going surprisingly well this go round!  I actually ran the full 6 miles.  I stopped in the middle to stretch - I woke up from a dead sleep with the worst calf cramp I've ever had some stretching was MUCH needed.  It was a solo run in the dark on a trail in Dallas that is HEAVILY populated in the evenings.  I decided this was safer than my normal run through the neighborhood/highway access road.  Then I refueled with this....

...and took an ice bath.  I have a run date tomorrow with O-No and have to have fresh legs!!

So literally the day after my sugar post....I had this....
Umm I think it was white chocolate mousse, with sprinkles (little kid style) frosted animal cookies, blackberries, gummy bears, and cookie dough.  All the toppings little kids would pick.  My FAVES!! So much for that sugar detox thing....

I am finally starting to see results in my endurance, my speed, and my body.  Eating right, keeping my carb intake low, and running and lifting are seriously starting to take a good effect on my body.  I weighed myself when I got back into town (after a week of late night pizza and 24 hour donut shops) and I had gained 4 pounds.  That was on Friday.  Today I have already lost 3 pounds, just after a few days of eating right and working out regularly!  LOVING this!!  Results make it so much easier to get off the couch!

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