Tuesday, December 27, 2011

That was .....interesting?!

Today's run was a little strange.  I started off with a 4 mile goal in mind.... I took my inhaler BEFORE I ran today, instead of after I started wheezing like normal....PS this was a good idea!  I ran my 1st mile in 9:24....HOLY FAST (for me at least....) The second mile didn't feel quite as good but it was ok.  Just a little bit into mile 2 I started dry heeving....NO CLUE why....and continued to dry heeve for a good 5 minutes.  Then I felt good for a while, pace was good, breathing was good, until I FACE PLANTED on the access road to the highway outside our neighborhood....in 5 O'clock traffic.  AWESOME!  No one driving by stopped or even slowed down, but I got right back up and kept running like it didn't happen....FAIL!!

Then I felt good again....until the dry heeving started AGAIN....then I felt good again, until a cat jumped out from behind a trashcan and scared the bajeezus out of me..... and then I finished my 4.19 miles strong.

 My average pace was 10:05.  Never seen those numbers before!  And my 5K time was 31:08...never seen that before either!!!

Then I got a phone call as I was walking back into the neighborhood....the chilli I started for dinner before I left, with my husband sitting in the kitchen "watching" while it simmered....or so I thought....BURNT TO A CRISP!  FAIL #2!!

So dinner #2 is in the oven..... and my knees look like this.....

But I got in a good strong (for the most part) 4 miles!

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