Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Birthdays, Camping, and Picture Taking

So in an 30 minutes ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! I love my birthday, and everyone else's for that matter!!  Birthdays are the only day a year that people think about you specifically and that gets to be all about you!  I'm obviously as excited as a 6 year old....and I'm going to be 26!  Oh well!!

So I've been taking LOADS of pictures with my new I just have to figure out how to put them on my computer so I can show them to you!!  Maybe I will accomplish that in the next couple of days.... I quit taking Iphone photos in hopes of actually posting my good pictures!  Being a pretend photographer is SUPER fun!

We went camping yesterday in Oklahoma!  My husband's friend's grandparents have some land and a cabin just north of the state line so we went up yesterday afternoon.  I spent most of the afternoon taking pictures of the cows, the pups, the trees, and the actually looks like fall up there and it's GORGEOUS!!  We made a huge fire in their fire pit, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, drank lots of Holiday inspired beer, and SHOT GUNS!! I actually hit a bottle with The Hubs pistol!  I was sooo excited!!  (Did I forget to mention we are FROM in Oklahoma camping....shooting guns was not only appropriate but TOTALLY necessary!!)  I will make a post advising you all to check back to these posts for pictures soon! 

Needless to say I have not gotten in the mileage I wanted to this week....camping and beer followed by a nap today was obviously more important.  Will someone meet me at the finish line on Sunday with some oxygen please and thank you?

Oh did I is my birthday?!????

Do you get as obsessed with birthdays as I do?

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Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Happy birthday!!!!!! I hope you have a beautiful day full of cupcakes and rainbows!!! Take lots of pictures!!!