Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What I learned on Saturday's run

I learned a VERY important lesson Saturday when I met my girlfriend Olivia for a 5-6 miler.  FUELING BEFORE A RUN IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Duh right?!

I have never had a problem with this before, because I don't usually run shortly after waking up.  I normally run in the evening, about 45 minutes-1 hour after dinner or a heavy snack.  I don't know that I generally do this on purpose, it just kind of happens.

Well Saturday Olivia had to work for a few hours and we agreed to meet when she was done.  She called around 11 and said to meet at 12:30.  I know everyone else in the world would have been awake and had 2 meals by this time....but I work night shift and my sleep schedule is all janky!! So I got up, made myself a smoothie with a little proten in it, but we were low on juice so it was thick and I couldn't suck it through my straw!  Then I got distracted by Sports Authority on the way (I wanted some new running leggings and they were on sale....don't judge!) and forgot to get a snack on the way because I ended up being late! (Who me? Late? NEVER!)

So we started running, and I got about a half mile in before I started to feel the fact that I hadn't eaten.  It sucked to because I started off really strong at a good pace, but burned through the little calories I had taken in to fast.  So we completed the first mile then walked for a minute or two.  I happened to grab a GU gel on my way out, and Olivia suggested I wait until mile 2 was done to take it.  We were getting 4 miles in one way or another.  So we ran mile 2, which sucked, I was waiting to pass out....I stopped for some water and took my GU.  Mile 3 was SO much better.  I never realized how much of a difference GUs can make! 
                                                              HELLO LIFESAVER......
We walked for a minute or two in between every mile, just to give my body a chance to recover for a minute.  So we got our 4 miles in, I suggested doing another 0.5ish and Olivia said she was done.
                                                            4 Miles Done & Done!
                              *Please don't judge my greasy hair....just taking a page from Janae's book

I went to Cafe Express for my FAVORITE salad after...took one home to The Hubs too...working on those Wife of the year points!

Saturday night was ZAC BROWN BAND!!!!  = BLAST with some awesome girls!!

                                           We keep it classy with our BIG ASS Bud Light cans!

                                                    BOOTS  :  Footwear of choice in TEXAS!!

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