Friday, November 18, 2011

My brain vs. My Garmin

The last week has consisted of totally SUCK-TASTIC runs. I feel like that statement could produce 15 blog posts all on its own.

I also feel like this is all I EVER BLOG ABOUT…..So apologizing in advance for that….

The Hubs has stated from the day I bought my Garmin that I don’t need it. He says I don’t need to worry about my pace, or my distance, or any of that BS, he thinks I should just go out and run.

I think I’m way to OCD to not have the numbers so easily accessible. My goals with running are different than his, I run to “race” (if you can call my slow-ass a racer…) he runs to run, for cardio, to stay fit, with no desire to “race” much more than a 5k. Yes I get obsessive over the numbers. When I feel like I’ve ran 4 miles and I look down and its been .5 sometimes I feel defeated, sometimes I feel like I suck…well this is most of the time. So maybe my Garmin sometimes causes me to get all wrapped up in the “I suck, why do I keep doing this to myself?” I am SO my biggest enemy. I have GOT to get out of my own head. I have the physical ability to be so much better at this than I am, but suck big time in the mental department. Last week I ran 4 miles straight, at a good pace, and felt good. Since then I haven’t gotten in a single good run. WHY!?!!!

I need some SERIOUS help. Can any of my blogger friends help me with this? Any advice on how to get out of your own head? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

when i got my garmin i got overly obsessed, and with marathon training i got even more number crazy trying to get the perfect splits. for the past 2 months every time I have an "easy" run on the schedule, I ditch the garmin. I know the paths around my apartment and know exactly how many laps to do for certain mileage and it feels great just running what my body wants and I cant be tempted to look at pace because its not even there