Saturday, December 3, 2011

BIC Band review

Skinny Runner HERE convinced me to buy a few BIC (Because I Can) Bands HERE because she posts about them frequently.  So I ordered a skinnie minnie in sparkly purple and sparkly orange, and a thin or skinnie (I can't remember which) in sparkly silver.  My original plan was to give the orange and silver ones to girlfriends as Christmas gifts....BUT I might just keep them for myself!  (I guess I could order another round....hehe)

So today is Bedlam, which is Oklahoma State University *OSU* (my "alma mater") vs. University of Oklahoma *OU*

OSUs colors are orange and to be in the spirit of football i wore my orange scrub pants with a black undershit and white t-shirt to work last night.  I also decided to try out my orange sparkly BIC band.... I have pretty short hair (as in chin length when it's "long") and I have serious issues, especially at work, keeping my hair out of my face.  So last night I teased  the top of my hair, pulled it back in a pony tail  (or little nub really) and slid the BIC band on. I did not have to adjust or take it off and put it back on a SINGLE time!  This is really impressive to me because these types of headbands NEVER stay on my head! It didn't give me a headache, and it is SUPER cute! 
               Please don't judge how awesome I look right now...I took this at 3am in the bathroom at work!                                                          HOLY bags under my eyes!
Another bonus of BIC bands is some of the profit from the bands goes to charity!!  They choose a different charity every month, and if you "Like" them on facebook they keep you updated on how much money and who they donated it to!  They also post promotion codes!  I can't wait to wear my purple one in my Half on Sunday!!...guess I need to go shopping to coordinate my running clothes with my headbands!!


Anonymous said...

haha love that you took that pic in the middle of the night. do you not have to wear scrub tops at work?

Jessica said...

No we can wear tshirts as long as they have the hospitals name on them somewhere!!!

Ok did you email me about the expo? I vaguely remember seeing something when I got home from work on morning but I can;t find it! I am heading there in about half an hour....(1400 ish) Email me again if you see this before then and maybe we can still meet up?/!!