Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello Runners High....where have you been?

First of all can I just say this OSU football game is going to give me a BIG ol' HEART ATTACK! 

I just finished a 5 mile run.  Yup that's right, the GOOD kind of run where you feel AMAZING afterwards!!!  I ran 2.75 miles, walked 0.25, then ran to 3.7, stopped for a drink and to pick up Knox, then finished a total of 5.25!!!!!!!!!!  I felt GREAT the whole time, and probably could have finished another mile or so but decided not to push my luck just yet.  I finally got out of my ;head and just ran.  When my legs started to feel heavy and I felt myself shortening my stride I just told myself "push, push, push" and pushed off with my calves....and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello bathroom pic, post sweaty nasty run, in my NEW Under Armour all seasons NEON YELLOW so I wont get hit by a car when I run in the dark running top!!  Pleae don't judge my awesome hair!

 I ran by myself (minus the part with Knox) and listened to the Justin Bieber Pandora station.....yes I know, The Biebs helped me rock my run!  Let's just admit my dorkyness and say I have "Bieber Fever"  I am not ashamed.

I needed this run BIG TIME!

Just took an ice bath....ahhhh LOVE them!

Do ya'll ice?

PS it sucks when you get home from a great run and your husband just woke up from a nap and is trying to read something important and you and your endorphin filled self are saying the most random 'that run rocked" comments and he seems totally uninterested...Boooo!!! 

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