Monday, November 21, 2011

It's almost Christmas!

Ok so maybe it's almost Thanksgiving....but THEN it's my birthday (one week after Thanksgiving) THEN its finally Christmas!!  Unfortunately I have to work Christmas this year....BUT my house is officially being transformed into my husband's worst nightmare!!!  The light people came and put our lights up today! (We tried to do it ourselves but our ladder is to short and the guy is doing it for less than a ladder would have cost....)

Tomorrow morning I will be the proud owner of this beauty.....
Thanks to my awesome work for the Christmas bonus!!
I was going to wait until Black Friday when it goes on sale, but it's not worth the $20 I would save to get attacked by crazy soccer moms!

Yesterday I did an easy 2 miles with The Hubs and Knox.  My legs still aren't quite used to a decent amount of mileage, I did an ice bath after Friday's run and that helped a lot.  I'm trying to be smart about increasing my mileage quickly.  Well on our run we saw this.....

I LOVE peacocks!! I used feathers in my wedding and have them in my living room! I ran down the street like a teenage girl who just saw Justin Bieber when I saw this!  Sorry for the sucky I-Phone picture again (those will all end tomorrow!) And yes I am creepily close to these people's house, hope they weren't home!!  This is wild animal sighting #2!!

6 miles is on the schedule for tomorrow....wish me luck!! 
I'll put up a picture of our lights tomorrow!!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?
Are ya'll crazy enough to endure the Black Friday madness?

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Christina @ The Athletarian said...

So jealous of your camera! I was a "real" camera too! I love peacocks too...I was one for halloween last year :)