Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Primal Diet Update

So far so good with this primal diet thing!  The Hubs has lost 10 pounds already!!!!  I've lost 5!!!! I am continueing to workout hard, but I feel like this change in eating habits has made a HUGE difference!  I can't tell you the last time the scale has gone down more than a pound, let alone stayed that way!!

The part I thought would be the hardest is finding stuff to eat....and keeping myself interested in it.  We bought "The Primal Blue Print Cookbook" and are actually really enjoying some of the things out of the book!  We have made chilli (which was AWESOME!) and we even found a recipe for crackers that have no grain in uses almond meal instead, and they are actually really good, and satisy that salty snacking craving!! 

My running is going less than great.  I'm running consistantly, but my mileage isn't increasing.  I am running 3 miles over and over and over, and just don't feel like it's getting any easier, and for some reason I'm having trouble pushing myself to go any farther.  I want to run the Dallas White Rock 1/2 on December 4th, but I just don't think it's looking good.....Any advice?

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!!  We had a party with our friends and had a BLAST!!  And since it's officially Novemeber.....that means.....COUNTDOWN TO MY BIRTHDAY IS ON!!!!!!  I love birthdays!!

Ok off to eat some breakfast (yes I know its 1pm, that = morning time for me since I have to work tonight!) then go to Vitamin Shoppe and the gym!

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DonnaG said...

Hey Jessica..I did a similar diet about a month ago, the paleo diet and I noticed that my energy level and running was just sucking. I think that for about 2 weeks or so you might experience a lack of energy. It's natural, mainly because your body is adjusting to the change. don't worry though, give it some time and you will be at a better running state that you were :)