Sunday, November 27, 2011

One More Week

‘til the big Half Marathon I am totally not prepared for!
I did not get the 6 miles in that I wanted to the other night….ya know that thing called Thanksgiving and the fact that my house was full of people for 3 days?! Yah didn’t work out so well.
I got 2 miles in on Friday night before dinner and shopping with my parents. Quick easy miles about a 9:45ish pace (I'm slow remember?), started with Knox, about a mile in traded for Max, my mom’s miniature schnauzer, then another .5 miles and traded in for Marley, my mom’s other mini schnauzer! It was 3 very different portions of my run…but it was entertaining to say the least!! My parents call Marley ADDDP ADD-Doggy-Princess. And that she is! She is a complete SPAZ, but she’s super sweet and totally adorable!!

I traded a run for hanging out with my parents yesterday since they’re leaving town this morning and I had to work last night….however the NACHOS I ate for lunch yesterday are making me think this was not the smartest idea!! Oops!!..But they were SO good! PS I sucked at sticking to my diet on Thanksgiving….Oops again! Homemade Pecan and Pumpkin pie are HARD to resist!
The goal is for at least 3 miles before work tonight…..then getting in an 8 miler Monday or Tuesday night, just to get some distance in before next Sunday.
12 weeks from next Sunday, exactly, is the CowTown Half Marathon in Ft. Worth, which means I have a date with Hal Higdon for the next 12 weeks!! Hopefully I can stick to a training plan and finish a full Half without walking!!


Teamarcia said...

Yeah training thru a holiday can be a challenge. Mmmm nachos. Good luck with your half!

Caitlin said...

haha...aww, don't be too hard on urself! ya, holidays can throw training for a whirl but that's part of LIVING. be flexible and get in the runs as u can. i think ur sked for the next few days looks good, so good luck!