Friday, December 23, 2011

I disappeared again

Gah I suck I'm sorry!!

Life has been a little hectic busy lately!!  The Hubs birthday was a few weeks ago....followed by The Hubs attempting to run in cowboy  boots and breaking his ankle....Yup he's a smartie!

Last weekend we made the trip up to Oklahoma.  My baby sister graduated from OSU!!!!!  Another hectic weekend.   I worked Thursday night, only slept until 11am Friday morning, then packed and started our trip.  I attempted to nap in the car but The Hubs wasn't letting that happen.  We finally made it to Stillwater, headed to dinner with my sister and her boyfriend, then out for the night.  GOD I'M OLD.  At least that's how being tired by 10pm in a college town bar made me feel!!  Saturday consisted of a 2 mile run (I'm proud of myself for that one.....) then graduation!!!

We drove to Tulsa Saturday afternoon to hang out with the fam and get ready for my sister's party on Sunday.  There was a little more hectic-ness (YES that is a word....) when my Grandma decided to pass out at the kitchen table, I had to play nurse for a bit, then we ended up in the back of an ambulance on our way to the ER!  Don't worry, she's ok!!! 

My poor baby sister was a wreck after all that....but we convinced her to go on to her party with her friends, and I met her out later.  Saturday night was good.....Good night with my sis and best friends!!!  So good some how we managed to stay out until 5am....followed by pizza #2 for the day....then I got up at 7:30 on Sunday.  THAT WAS FUN....NOT!!!!

Sunday afternoon we had my sister's family graduation party....where I showcased these babies!!!

My running has been slacking since Saturday...I was doing SO GOOD on my Hal Higdon plan, then fell off the wagon again with being out of town and crazy busy.  Now I'm working 4 in a row, and all of Christmas....BOOOO!!!  I woke up yesterday feeling less than stellar, ran 0.8 miles, then decided to just go to the gym with The Hubs.  My biceps are KILLING that counts right?  I know biceps are not conducive to running but I want to keep a balance of running and strength training.  Oh well at least I got off the couch before work today.

All our Christmas presents are wrapped and shipped....except for The Hubs.  I have to buy his presents last minute or he ends up getting them early!!  I plan on getting his on my way home from work tomorrow!

Are ya'll done with your shopping yet? 

Hope everyone has a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I promise to show my face more!!!!

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