Saturday, December 24, 2011

Today was better.....

So I got to sleep late Friday morning....after all some last minute Christmas shopping was necessary when I got off work.  Then I decided it would be a good idea to wake up an hour earlier than usual to get a decent run in and get some presents wrapped.....Guess what?  I actually got a GOOD run in!!  Yay for me!

The Hubs took Knox to the dog park so I could run around the park....SOOOO much better than running in the neighborhood.  Getting up a little earlier made it easier to run there....  It was pretty chilly when I started (45* - hey now I live in Texas, this is cold to me!!) So I wore my New Balance running tights and my purple Nike thermo running top that I LOVE!!  I warmed up pretty quickly but never got hot!

I got in 3.09 miles in like 32:50. That's fast for me....remember I'm SLOW!!  AND on top of it all I have been fighting off a cold or some gnarly allergies or something for the last week.  My lungs were on FIRE, of course my inhaler was at home (as usual) and I had SNOT all over my face....sorry I didn't take a picture for your viewing pleasure!!  This makes me think I could have finished faster if I didn't feel like crap!

Oh and The Hubs left my Christmas present on the kitchen table this's in a pretty big Brighton bag....hmmmm wonder what it is?!

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