Thursday, December 8, 2011

The start of a new relationship....I hope I like him!

This new relationship is between me and Hal Higdon….
I started his ½ plan on Monday….well I counted Sunday as my “long run” for the week. (Good thing it was 3x longer than the plan calls for….)
Monday consisted of my stretch and strengthen day….aka stretch out on the couch and strengthen 1 6oz glass of wine at a time : ) Hey I did get up to go to the grocery store with The Hubs, that counts right? I lifted all the groceries onto the counter to put them away…..
Tuesday I made another attempt at a treadmill run because it was FREEZING outside, and windy, which makes cold 100x worse! I only made it a mile before I was a sweaty hot mess and bored out of my mind. So I finished up outside…running 0.6mile circles around the gym…WHOO FUN! ……. NOT!! I had a few super quick walk breaks because my legs were still tired from Sunday.
Yesterday was supposed to be 3 miles, but I bought The Hubs an XBOX for his birthday, gave it to him 3 days early today, and he was setting it up as I was supposed to be running. I chose to shop and sleep earlier in the day so I put my run off until the last minute before work. Needless to say I was NOT feeling it. So my 3 miles turned into “Oh I’ll just do my 2 mile day today and my 3 tomorrow” which turned into 1.6 miles because I ran by my house and it looked more fun. Oops….Oh well! Scratch that crappy day off my list!
My goal for my next ½ is to run the whole thing….no walk breaks. A friend at work told me the way she achieved this was just making the decision to tell herself no walk breaks on her training runs. She ran her first ½ on Sunday, and ran the whole thing. I think I like this idea….No walk breaks here I come. Sorry that you will be “forced” to read my bitching about the next few runs….I’ll get over it….if I don’t die first….

PS- if you don't want to see your husband for 3+ months, buy a 2 story house with a "Man-Cave" UPSTAIRS, then buy him an XBOX and 3 games for his birthday.  Guaranteed to have him out of your hair...whether you want him to be or not.  Oops again.....

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