Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Suck...AND I'm old!

Well my birthday is over now....and it was a good one!!  But man I felt OLD after going out last night...and let's just say : BIRTHDAY SHOTS : 1   JESSICA : 0
I got this fancy new watch and a tripod for my new camera from The Hubs!!

He's so good to me!!

I also got this AMAZING wine glass from my bestest Lavonne....

                                 The shadow made my face look weird....and FYI, it holds 3 bottle of wine!!
So I suck big time...I have not ran at all this week.  And somehow I think I'm going to finish a Half on Sunday?! Ha this should be interesting! Not to mention it's going to be in the 30s and drizzly raining the whole time.  BOOOO!!!!  Oh well my only real goal with this race is to cross the finish line.  The CowTown half in February is my new goal race, where I will be setting some BIG goals. 

I also have been sucking at my "diet" Thanksgiving started a downhill slope for me and this eating right thing.  I had stuffing and pie on Thanksgiving...then proceeded to eat pie for 3 days after, I had pasta from PF Changs for lunch on my birthday, sushi for dinner, a hot dog with a bun, marshmallows, and graham crackers while camping Tuesday night.  OOPS!....and a whole bunch of ginger ale to nurse my hangover today : ) OOPS again. 

I am officially declaring today, December 3rd, to be "start over" day for my diet.  I can tell a huge difference when I'm eating this way and when I'm not.  I'm not motivated now, I'm more tired, The Hubs has had bloog sugar issues again because he's been cheating with me.  Interesting isn't it?  I will probably have some "good" carbs for dinner tonight and a bagel or something in the morning since I'm doing this Half...and I told myself from the get go that high mileage days I would allow myself a little more carbs since I'd be using them immediately for fuel.  GOTTA GET BACK ON TRACK!!!  Tall Mom HERE is having the same problem, but has the same plan to get back on track!  Go check out her post!

I am starting Hal Higdon's Half training plan on Monday.  12 weeks from Sunday is the Cowtown... serious training here I come!  Wish Me Luck!

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