Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dallas White Rock 1/2 - a PR!!

So I survived the ROCK….with a PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I know I only have one previous ½ time, BUT I got this PR with less training and smarter running. Well it’s not as great as that sounds….definitely not RLRF style. More like run less because I registered for the race last minute-ish because I promised some friends I would run even though I was NO WHERE CLOSE to ready….then run in intervals. Yup that’s how I got a 12 minute PR.

When I trained for my first ½ in OKC last May, I didn’t follow a training plan but my weekly mileage and longest run were higher. My longest run before OKC was 8-9miles, this one was 5. Oops. The difference was in OKC I ran until I felt like I needed a walk break (6 miles, stopped to pee, ran 2 more then walked a little) and my legs were DONE before I ever hit 10 miles. This go-round Betsy and I agreed to run intervals the ENTIRE run, no matter what. We ran 2 miles, walked 0.5 miles repeat repeat repeat a few more times! Apparently this worked for me! My legs were definitely spent by the end, but much better than OKC. The weather was THE EXACT SAME….cold and freakin rainy. It appears as though this is my new ½ trend. Only this time I was more prepared with my ridiculous layers of clothing, scarf, gloves, and my handy dandy TRASH BAG! I kept that baby on until mile 10, and only took it off because I wanted finish line pictures!!

                                       Please be jealous of our outfits......PS this was Betsy's first half!!

We kept between a 10-11 min/mile pace most of our run parts. Our walk pace was 16min/mile. We did a really good job of keeping our snails pace the entire race. I took 4 GUs throughout the race. I know that kind of sounds like a lot, but my body isn’t used to the distance so I needed the extra fuel.

The course was GORGEOUS!! We ran through some of my favorite parts of Dallas….Downtown, Uptown, Highland Park! It was nice and flat too! I will run this again for sure!! I just wish it wasn’t so freakin wet! My shoes were SOAKED by mile 3….stupid rain! It didn’t rain all summer and we were in a damn drought (sp?) then I decide to run a ½ and it pours down rain for 3 straight days! BOO Mother Nature!
We crossed the finish line in 2:42!! I know it’s not great, but I ran smarter and beat my previous time….

Afterwards we got our medals, snacks, pictures, and BEER (the most important part…) then waited for my friend’s husband to finish the Full. I got a TON of stretching in since we were sitting around, freezing our butts off! Oh I also noticed this when we got inside……

Hello BLOODY heels....Aparently I need better socks or some new shoes.....

Glad I didn’t notice until AFTER I finished! Yup, still hurts!!

I was a little sore for a day or two afterwards, but I’m feeling pretty good now! My hip flexors are still bothering me some….but nothing some serious stretching can’t fix!

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DonnaG said...

Congrats! glad your run went great. I just feel bad you have bloody heels...hope they are all healed up :)