Thursday, March 31, 2011

An hour and a bath

My Garmin still isn't here!  I ordered it from Amazon last Friday and it's still not here....longest week EVER!

I ran for an hour today.....for an hour STRAIGHT...ok thats a lie I stopped for 5 minutes to help Ringo the pitbull find his home (His owner said he just had his ACL repaired and wasn't allowed to run or be out....and they thought someone might have broken into their house while they were gone because he was locked up in the bedroom....I didn't stick around to find out, but SCARY!!)

I would like to thank someone...unfortunately I can't remember who or find the post...but when I remember I will give credit where credit is due!  Anyways I want to thank whoever it was for their post about those runs where you are your biggest fan vs. the runs where you tear yourself down.  I know my biggest issue with all this running madness is the mental part.  I get so down on myself, fixate on how my breathing got out of control for a split second so now I'm to tired to run, or my ankle popped and felt funny for a minute so I should probably stop.  This post talked about talking yourself up...telling yourself how awesome you are, how good you look, and how great you run.  Tonight I ran for an hour myself, no husband, no dog...just me and my Kesha Pandora radio station...and my thoughts of course. My thoughts of how awesome I am....  AND I TOTALLY ROCKED IT! I have no clue how far, because the app on my Iphone is crap...and I kind of don't care...(Thats totally a lie...Im having to contain myself from getting in my car and driving my route in the middle of the night!) Anyways I maintained a good pace, my breathing was good, my legs felt awesome, and I got lost...well not lost but I had NO idea where I was, so at that point I just turned around and retraced my steps.  Oops! Michael was at the gym and I ran in the neighborhood behind the gym.  When Michael finished working out he got in the car and started driving around looking for me because he forgot his phone....It was right at an hour when he found me, and I felt like I could have kept going... It felt SO good to just run, not worry about keeping up with someone else or anything else...just me and my run. 

Ah-Ha! Found it!  Go check out and read her post called Cheerleading and Speed....Thanks Janae!  I finally found my motivation...MYSELF!

Oh and have I ever mentioned how much I love Epson Salt baths?  Because I do...try one...they are amazing!

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