Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monster Hills

Tuesday I set out for 7 miles with the hubs! It only took us 2 hours to actually get started...haha Oops! I needed to restock on some Gels/ I made a trip to Lukes Locker, about a 10-15 minute drive from the house. Michael stayed in the car, then wondered what took me so long (Hello, you sent me into a RUNNING store...ALONE...duh it took me forever!!) I can't decide STILL what I like best, so I got a few new flavors of Gu Gels, some strawberry Shot Blocks, and a pack of Watermelon Gus.
Next we wanted to run somewhere new, so using our fancy phones we found a new park to run in....after driving around for 30-45 minutes trying to make up our minds! Good thing we didn't have anything to do until later that night! So we set out with a goal of running this "trail" that was supposed to be 2.3 miles long 3 times. We got started and i was feeling awesome....until I saw this MONSTER of a hill, which I ran up....which was followed by another MONSTER of a hill, which I walked up. We both were out of breath just walking up these hills. It was a gorgeous trail though! Through a park then behind these really pretty houses! We saw lots of animals which is always a plus! (I need to get better at taking pictures!)

The last half or so was through a neighborhood...much more my style! The hubs blood sugar likes to give us problems so we stopped after the first round and snacked at my car...yah I had a full blown selection of snacks in my car....Told you I am a FAT KID at heart! We finished a little over 10K (6.5 miles total I think...) We walked probably 2 miles of it, that's the farthest I've gone, and a smart someone named AMANDA (@ 5MilesPastEmpty) told me walking is I'm trying not to kill myself!
Tuesday night was Hooters night! Haha ok we don't have a regularly scheduled Hooters night...I don't really even like their wings....but it was a fund raiser for one of the associations affiliated with The Hubs work. He is a police officer, so we try to participate in as many of these types of things as we can! Besides who can pass up a good night with friends?
Pictures to come!! 
Also will someone PLEASE teach me how to tag other blogs in my posts!?? (For example I want to be able to do it so you could click on 5MilesPastEmpty above and it link back to her blog!) Please and Thank You?!

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