Thursday, March 3, 2011

GUs & a Garmin.....

So after Saturday I'm super pumped for my Half Marathon training!  I went to the gym and lifted Monday night, but chose to do no cardio.  I've been talking about a Garmin watch since Saturday, and researching to figure out which one I want.  The hubs made a pretend "deal" with me and told me if I could run 5 miles straight he would go buy me the watch....well good thing it was a joke because I was a little less disappointed that I didn't do it!  We ran 2 miles around a new park, drove home to drop the dog off (after a little dog park time of course) then set out for 3 more.  I only ran 2 more but decided I would take a break, rehydrate, and run 1 more.  The Hubs talked me out of the last mile so I didn't over do it.  (Thanks for that one!)

So do my miles count towards longer runs if I split them up?  Obviously 4 miles isn't that long of a run but as my distances increase is it better to do it all at once or just get the miles in?

Then I proceeded to eat like a fat kid.....On The Border, BEER....and a late night plate of cheese fries The Hubs ate most of them)...Yup this is why I run!

I had to work Wednesday night, so most of my day consisted of a lovely nap (after running errands of course.)  So I got in a quick 2 miles before heading to work.  Working night shift totally makes it more difficult to squeeze in runs.  I get home/in bed around 8am and sleep until 3-4pm.  I leave my house at 6 to go back to work, so I only have 2-3 hours to eat, run, and shower......

I tried out the GU Chomps on Tuesday, strawberry I think.  Not to bad but not really easy to eat while running.  What are your favorite GUs/Gels?
Which Garmin watch do you recommend?

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The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR BLOG!!! K, you have to get a garmin....they are my favorite!!! I use the 305 and if you go to the gear page on my blog and click on the garmin it takes you straight to the best deal that we could find it!!!! Seriously, it will make running so much fun. Girl, I am totally a fat kid at heart too but that is okay.....that is why we run right. Um, you are really gorgeous and I am so excited to follow your half marathon training!!!!
I love shot favorite:)