Saturday, March 19, 2011

A million years later....

I finally post again!  PS- I just figured out how to post from work (every time I've tried before it blocked me...stupid internet "social networking" filter!)  It's ok, I've officially defeated the filter!! & work posting is great because it helps fill my down time!  (It's RSV season, so our patients aren't crazy busy currently...) 

Also it's been a while  because my internet wasn't working for a few days after our trip to Houston...old man that lives behind us clipped our internet wire because he kept tripping over it while working in his yard.  Thanks for that!

So like I said the Hubs and I went to Houston on Sunday to visit his family....always a good time!  His aunts are all school teachers, so everyone was on Spring Break!  (I miss spring break!!)  We ate a TON while we were there, because we all love to go out to eat.  And there's this magical place called Shipley Donuts....and by magical I mean warm, soft, sprinkly iced goodness!  Yup his aunt kept making fun of me because I get the same donuts as the kids...Mmmm Sprinkles!  We ran twice while we were there (drove down Sunday night came back Wednesday night.)

Monday morning- we ran 3.6 miles through his aunt's neighborhood.  Its HUMID in Houston, like real real humid, and it rained right before we ran, so it was EXTRA HUMID....and they were mowing the grass...but overall a good sweaty grassy run! 

Monday night I was talking running with the hubs uncle, who is all of 6 years older than me!  He mentioned how he runs 9 miles once a week and suggested we go for a run with him Tuesday morning.  I agreed, thinking I had ran 6 miles before and could pump out 9 if I walked some.  So optimistic and excited we drove to his house Tuesday morning, got in some play time with the kiddos, then set out for our run.  Remember that rain from the day before?  Uh trail run + day of rain = 10lb shoes covered in mud. I have NEVER ran on anything but pavement...and we ran through an open field basically that had a creek in the middle of it.  A muddy, uneven, open field.  Lets just say this run SUCKED!  I looked at my phone (because I still don't have my Garmin) feeling like I'd ran 10 miles, and was barely at 2 miles! We finished 5.6 miles, at least half of which I walked.  My legs hurt, I couldn't breath, my ankles hurt from trying not to trip every 5 seconds....UGLY.  And totally mentally defeating.  I was upset the rest of the day because I did so bad! 

How do you feel about trail runs? 

More to come about the rest of my week....including how the sidewalk defeated me on Friday!  I guess I should probably do some work!

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