Thursday, March 24, 2011

New house & Mexican food

Soo I'm really loving that I figured out how to blog from work!

I took Monday night off....went by our new house (Yup!! Me and the hubs are building a house!  And it actually looks like a house now!!!!!) To check out our floors, granite countertops, and light fixtures!  We are completely obsessed with our house, and go by AT LEAST once a week to see the progress....Once a week is a huge improvement from every other day like we did for a while!  I can't wait to move in!!!

After walking through our house and chatting with a neighbor, we had a dinner date at On The Border.  I got an intense craving for Mexican food at work Sunday night...Nope I'm not pregnant I just LOVE Mexican food!  I could eat it never get bored!  After dinner we didn't leave the couch for a few hours...I napped while Michael caught up on Heroes (Thank you NetFlix for the hubs new obsession...) Michael got a phone call and we went into Dallas to have a few drinks with a friend.  We are complete night owls and drive 30 miles for drinks at 11pm on a Monday.  Don't be jealous of our rockstar life style (YAH RIGHT!!!)

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