Sunday, October 9, 2011

Speed Work...we MIGHT be friends.

I got bored last night and made a few changes to the blog...a little more colorful now!

My workout today consisted of the 1st speed workout on the "Intermediate" 5K plan in Run Less Run Faster.  I'm going to work on the 5k plan for a couple of weeks to get my 5k time faster then move onto the Half plan.

1st speed workout EVER = successful!  It was a 10 minute warmup (jogged at a 10-11min/mile pace for 10 minutes.) then 2 x 400m @ 2:15, followed by a 10 minute cool down (another 10 minutes of 10-11 minute pace.)  Me, The Hubs, and Puppy Love did it together.  It was not a crazy interval, crazy pace, or anything like that, but got a little speed work in there, and felt good the whole time!  My legs are still recovering from my killer leg workout the other day, so it felt good to stretch em out a little!

Oh Oh and I figured out new FUN tricks on my Garmin!  Ok so I figured out that you can program it to beep at you to slow down or speed up and set intervals. Hey before today all I knew how to do was turn it on and off, change it to bike mode, and keep track of my distance/pace.  It's the little things in life!

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