Friday, October 7, 2011

The Biggest Loser...Obsessed!

So The Hubs and I discovered that The Biggest Loser is on NetFlix.  I've never watched it, nor had any desire to watch it, but for some reason we decided to watch an episode the other night....and 5 episodes in 2 days later....we're HOOKED!!

We started with Season 1...and we are both so into it!  It's funny to hear The Hubs opinion on who should go home and why.  It's alwasy funny to see him get a SMIDGE emotional at times!

I think this might be part of my whole "serious amount of motivation" lately.  Watching these people give up their lives and their families for an unspecified amount of time to be healthy is truly inspiring (OMG how corny did that sound?!) After watching an episode I seriously have this craving to go to the gym then eat something healthy!  I am also learning a lot!  It's interesting to see the workouts they do and the meal plans they are following! Plus I <3 Jillian Michaels!  I am going to be sad when I catch up to the seasons when she's gone!

Do you watch it?  And do you get the same motivation it gives me?

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