Sunday, October 9, 2011

I get my workouts from watching Real World

Ahhhhhh....sweet relief!  My legs are MUCH better today!  I drank my Amino Acid Energy drink around 4ish this morning (don't forget I work night shift!! ) and had a protein smoothie on my way home from work, took 2 Aleve during the night, and the Creatine I took before work...I woke up this afternoon and feel a thousand times better....still sore, but the good kind now, not the "I can barely sit down to pee" kind of sore!!

Let me enlighten you on my KILLER leg workout from Thursday....

I started with these things I don't have a name for yet, and I saw on Real World San Diego (Yes I'm a loser, Yes I record every season of the Real World, and yes I stole a workout from one of the chicks on the show)  They were at the gym and goofing off while working out, but I saw one of the girls doing this and decided to give it a try...hey she has an awesome body so why not? You take one of those aerobics class step know the gnarly green plastic things?  Get down in plan position with your elbows on the ground, and put your feet on the narrow end of the step.  "Jump" your feet out to the sides, then "Jump" them back onto the step, keeping your legs straight and your abs pulled in....OUCH! I did 3 sets of 10....which contributed to my inner thighs, upper Hammys, and lower butt soreness!

Next I laid on one of those ab workout balls, on my stomach, the ball about at my chest, then with your legs straight and together, lift them off the ball as high as you can....pull in your abs while doing this one too...more OUCH!

I did 2 quad machines, a Hammy machine, then holding a 10lb weight I did squats (3 sets of 10) and calf raises (3 sets of 20)....OUCH some more!  My calves are actually what is still the most sore! It seriously amazes me how much squats, calf raises, and lunges can do for fancy equipment needed! 

This workout will definitely be a frequent flyer on my lift days!....AMAZING legs here I come!

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