Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello October....a new list of goals

Yes I know it's 9 days into the month....but I just got back into blogging and am trying to catch up on my week! 

So I mentioned before that I decided to give up Dr. Pepper and make some lifestyle changes on October 1st. So far, so good!  Christina @ TheAthletarian HERE had a post with her goals for the month on it, and hers were very similar to the chat I had with myself (In my head, not out loud!) on Friday night.  So she inspired me to make a post about my new goals!  So here they are!

*No More Dr. Pepper! (I had stopped drinking most pop, and in the words of SkinnyRunner HERE pop=soda, deal with it!....but recently went on a Dr. Pepper binge! 

*Start Running more, well just start running again in general.  I was doing so good until it got HOT, and now I suck.  I am reading Run Less Run Faster, and my goal in the next few weeks is to get my 5K time to under 30 minutes, yes I am SLOW, so I can start the RLRF half training program!  There is a 5K training program in the book, so I'm starting there just for the speed work to get my time down, then once I'm under 30 minutes Ill move onto the Half plan....Thanks to Amanda @ 5MilesPastEmpty HERE for that advice!! I have yet to start this "plan"...thanks to my killer leg workout my running got pushed back a few days!

*Lift/Crosstrain more - I have done both a LOT more this week, I outlined my workouts from the week HERE I have ridden my bike, gone to spin, swam, and lifted 4 times!

*EAT HEALTHIER!!!  I have done a DECENT job on this one...minus my 2 pieces of pizza while drinking, a few pieces of Halloween candy, and a piece of pizza at work tonight (it's been a rough few nights at work) in general this week we've been eating at home more, and eating healthier!
*Blog more and POST MORE PiCTURES!  Doing better on the blogging, need work on the pictures!  Blogging at work (which I do a lot...) is a little harder on the picture part...working on it soon, I promise!

Ps I just figured out how to tag other blogs....Im such a ra-tard!! 

So there ya have goals for the month...

What are you goals?

  PSS I love how I ask questions at the end of my posts A-La HungryRunnerGirl like anyone reads my blog or responds to my questions.....SOMEDAY!

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