Friday, March 2, 2012

Skinny isn't Sexy...


I found this quote on Pinterest  today....then I read a few posts @ HungryRunnerGirl about the same subject, and it got me thinking.....

Sorry for the Iphone screen shot!!

"Strong is the new Skinny" is my new favorite quote....and I seriously repeat this to myself ALL THE TIME!  Skin & Bones is not sexy....lean muscle and a toned body IS!! (MY personal opinion....)

As women we all struggle with the WANT to look like Victoria's Secret models & the models we see on TV/in magazines.  I constantly show my husband pictures of "what I want to look like" and he's CONSTANTLY pointing out the AIRBRUSHING...and reminding me how unrealistic and UNHEALTHY that is (I have a good Hubby!!!)  I have recently gotten very into strength training, and the more Pinterest stalking and fitness reading I do the more I'm realizing the fitness world is pushing for STRENGTH NOT SKINNINESS!!!!!  And I <3 IT!!  As Janae put it, we only have one let's take care of it, let's eat HEALTHY and exercise!

For those of you that don't have to work to be skinny....More power to you.  For those of us that have to work at it, let's make it our goal to be strong and fit, not "skinny." 

I'm not going to pretend like I don't weigh myself, and yes sometimes I still dwell on that STUPID #, but I've made it my goal to not let it control my life.
 So when you workout and gain muscle, how you feel and how your body looks is WAY more important than that #. 

I've been posting my workouts, and once I master taking a self picture with my Iphone, I plan on posting pictures to share my results (yes, this is SCARY...but I figure motivation comes from seeing results so I'm going to show you mine!)  Besides I have like 3 readers, so who's gonna see it?!

My goal is to motivate others to be STRONG and FIT.  Hope I can help!!


Anonymous said...

Amen. I was just talking about weight with my sis the other day. She is gaining muscle, losing inches, but gaining weight (muscle) and I was tryin to convince her that's a good thing but it's just so hard to get over that number

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I LOVED THIS POST. It made me happy to read that your husband points out the air brushing! You are so right, we need to focus on health not our skinniness. YES, no more worrying about that silly number. YOU ARE AMAZING!! I am loving your blog wahoo! Have a great weekend!