Monday, February 27, 2012

Cowtown Half recap...a disappointing PR

First of all.... The Cowtown celebrates my 1st Runniversary!!!  The Cowtown 5k was my very first race!!! 

Aparently running a HILLY Half Marathon with no hill training leads to a slightly disappointing, crying crossing the finish line PR....(Thats what I get for not looking at the elevation more than an hour before the race...)
Team Got The Runs!!! 

I finished in BIGGEST goal was to finish the whole thing without walking.  I accomplished this, well sorta..... I walked through the water stops (that was in the plan) RAN up the BIGGEST hill I've ever seen (maybe I'm being a LITTLE sarcastic...) but seriously it was almost a mile long.  And when we reached the top and thought it was over....Noooooo we turned a corner and kept going up hill.  SERIOUSLY?! Who does that?!  The only walking that happened that I didn't plan on was within the last mile.... my back spasmed.  Big time....and it bad I cried for the last .75 miles.  (I have 2 unhealed fractures in the bottom of my spine from falling through my parent's attic in highschool....the injury was so bad I had to quit playing softball...)

The sad thing about all this is my legs felt good for the most part.  I did 10 miles last weekend and felt good....they were a little sore and tired but not my biggest problem.  UGH frustrating!

This was not my goal race....I still have 4 weeks left of training.  So I can't be THAT frustrated.  But I am....and I PRd....and my ankles didn't bleed!!!! what's to complain about?

I'm going to the Dr. tomorrow to get my back checked out (I'm being a responsible blogger/runner!) When I got home today I was ready to give up....BUT I'm not going to get defeated THAT easily!

However Olivia got her 2 hour goal!!! 

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Anonymous said...

Oh. Y goodness, I'm so sorry to hear about your back! I hope you get it all fixed up. And congrats on an awesome pr that course is tough!!