Saturday, March 3, 2012

Burning Boobies workout...

First of all is Boobies the appropriate plural (sp?) word for boobs?  And when I say boobies I really mean chest.... but boobies is more fun to say!  (My boobs don't physically hurt.....they are however shrinking....)  My chest muscles are burning today!!!

Normally I workout with my Husband.  He's been lifting weights for as long as I've known him (10 years this month!!) so I figure he's had enough trail and error for the both of us, and taken a few classes!  So most of my weight lifting workouts are lifting stuff he does....I just add in some stuff in between to up the intensity!! 

So here's the chest workout I did Thursday (minus the Hubby - he was helping a friend move!)

HIIT run:
5 minute warmup @ 3.5mph
20sec @ 9mph
45sec recovery @ 3.5-4 mph

Repeat x 6 (I normally do 8-10 but I had to work Thursday night)

CHEST workout:

Chest dumbell presses - 15lbs x 10 (this is an increase in weight for me finally!! Imagine you're doing a bench press but with dumbells)
Flys - 5lbs x 10 (Laying on a bench put both arms straight up above your chest then open your arms so they end up out at your side - like your body is making a "t")
Squats - holding a10lb weight - x10
Jump Rope x 1min

Repeat 3 times!

Fly Machine - 35lbs x 10
Calf raises x 20 (I do these on the machine or holding a 10-20lb weight)
Jump Rope x 30sec.

Repeat 3 times!

I also threw in some Abs at the end on an ab machine!

This was an AWESOME workout, and had me sweating like CRAZY!! I love making my workouts into circuits because then you don't have that down time while you rest in between're resting one set of muscles while working another, and get more of your workout in a shorter period of time!  My husband and I also prefer to "kill" one or two groups of muscles instead of doing full body workouts.  This is just our personal choice though....

I've been working out for a while, so these are the weights I use....feel free to start with a lower amount of weight and work your way up as that starts to get easy!  I've seen a big difference in my muscles, the way my body looks, and more recently my weight, since I started doing these type of workouts!

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