Saturday, February 4, 2012

Skinny Fat

I found this blog on Pinterest the other day, (PS if you're not on Pinterest we need to talk, and I need to help you enjoy my obsession) and decided to take a look at it tonight. The Pinterest tag was “skinny fat to fit” or something like that. The blog is ThinkPrettyThoughts and I am ADDICTED to her now! She got me thinking about a lot of stuff tonight. Her name is Katy, and she started a blog to journal her journey from skinny fat to fit. I feel like I am completely in the same shoes. I have always been “skinny fat” and I’ve actually called it that for a long time. She brings light to the fact that there are tons of “regular” girls out there who eat like crap and do minimal exercise. She talks about how they are just as at risk for heart disease and what not as obese people are. Their lifestyles are just as sedentary, but God blessed them with “eat what you want and don’t get overly obese” genes. Fortunately & Unfortunately I have those geans (I accidentally spelled that "jeans" - lucky I caught myself!). I can do minimal exercise and eat crappy and not get huge….however I feel tired all the time (more so than usual with my night shift schedule), I have no energy, and I don’t feel good about myself.
Katy has inspired me to kick up my workouts and completely clean up my eating….not just mostly clean it up like I’m doing now (I feel real guilty for that cookie I ate when I got to work…Ooops!!) Especially because today was a rest day.

So I want to keep up with my running, it’s something I’m learning to enjoy, something I have watched myself get better at, and has health benefits all of it’s own. However now I’m going to kick up my “non-run” workouts. Katy does a lot of HIIT workouts (Blonde Ponytail does these too!!!) I think I want to add an extra speed work day and incorporate more HIIT style runs. I also want to kick up my weight lifting. I never increase my weight, or my reps. I do the same workouts and weight and reps every time. I get lazy in a way….Time for that to change! I don’t want to go all Body Builder Betty on you, but I want to be more fit, and more lean/toned!

Katy has logged her progress and discusses what has worked for her. Hopefully some more intense strength training will help with my distance running too!!

I want to be as “obsessed” with being healthy as she is….a good healthy PASSION as she calls it for being healthy! I will still have rest days and I will still have ice cream (occasionally….)

So here is what I had for dinner at work tonight. I felt pretty good eating this after reading her blog for a little while!!

What was left of my tuna salad when I got all "creeper taking a picture of her tuna salad" like in the breakroom.  Tuna, red bell pepper, onion, and pickle, a SMIDGE of olive oil mayo (Yes Smidge is a word...duh) and spicy mustard.
A good ole bowl of blackberries (I've had a TON of these lately because they were 4/$5 last week!

And this little yummy delight kind of tricked me.  So on my Primal eating thing I limit my carb intake (I don't eat grain....unless I'm being bad) this yogurt had 27g of carbs. No biggie, I need carbs and I need them from things like this.  However my "lowfat" yogurt forgot to mention on the front that it had 23g of SUGAR....Please see my Dear Sugar post to see why this is a problem for me..... I stopped eating it (about half way through - as soon as I read this) because I just didn't want the sugar!  I'm proud of myself for that one!!

My Iphone food pictures are FABULOUS I know….email me if you’d like to hire my MAD photography skilled self to shoot your next event (Bahaha yah right!)

Go check out Katy's blog!

Anyone have any feedback on this?  I think I'm going to start gearing my blog toward a more "healthy living" blog that strictly running.  I want to start posting my recipes, more food pictures, and my workouts.  Wish Me Luck!!!

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Betsy said...

I have been eating blackberries like crazy lately too! I almost bought that exact same yogurt at Sprouts the other day, same flavor and everything but then I ended up putting it back. Glad I did now!