Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My form sucks!

So Amanda @ 5MilesPastEmpty made a post about some running mechanics info she read in a book.  She posted a few things to think about while running, so last night,  I decided to think about them while I ran!  It's things like not pushing off with your foot but using your hamstrings to pull your feet up instead, landing on the ball of your feet, and letting gravity help you.  Well let's just say I SUCK when it comes to all of that!!  I only ran 1.8 miles (no walking) with The Hubs, and it was at a pretty slow pace, because I was concentrating on running the CORRECT way!! It's absolutely amazing how much lighter I felt!!  My muscles definitely felt weird afterwards.  My achilles tendon actualy was a little sore from attempting to land on the balls of my feet instead of my heel.  It worked a whole different group of muscles!

I'm going to keep trying to work on this...and hopefully it will help me improve my running!!

Sorry for the short post....Heading to Hurricane Harbor with The Hubs!  Might not get a run in tonight, but I'm definitely going to try!!  Oh and I need to start posting pictures!....Soon!!

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