Thursday, July 21, 2011

3 Miles of pathetic-ness

BLAH! I ran 3 miles yesterday.  It.Was.Not.Pretty....AT ALL!!  But hey at least I did it!!

My plan was to start "training' on Sunday, then life happened.  The Hubs best friend from highschool was visiting!  He flies standby, and his flight was supposed to land at 5.  Well I was out of town floating the river with some girlfriends until Saturday afternoon, so I layed around and recovered from my lack of sleep the day before (I worked Friday night, left at 8:30 Saturday morning, slept approx. 2 hours in the car, then was up until after midnight, and awake by 9am) then showered and got ready, just to find out he didn't make it on his plane.  Then the next flight....we ran some errands, grabbed a bite to eat, then headed to the airport...for no reason...he never told us if he made it on the second flight, and his phone was going straight to VM, so we figured he made it.  NOT SO MUCH!  Right as we pulled into the airport he called to say he wasn't landing until 10.  GEEZ!!  So my original plan was to pick him up, grab dinner, chat for a bit...then run.  Needless to say I never got the run in because we couldn't make solid plans until he made it on a plane!

Monday we went to the lake after the boys woke up (The Hubs worked Sunday night and his friend did a ride along!)  We played at the lake for a few hours, then headed to the grocery store for stuff for homemade wings!  I make a KILLER wing sauce from scratch!!  So Monday was full of spending Q.T. with our friend.

Tuesday we made our way into Dallas to play around for a while.  We had chips and salsa, queso, and sopapillas, then I got some girls together to run a trail we've never tried before.  Conveniently there is a bar with a huge patio and a walkway to the trail, so I chugged water and waited on the girls while the boys enjoyed cheese friends and beer.  TORTURE!  It's ok though, I promised myself I was going to get a run in.

So when the girls arrived we started on our run.  LOVED this trail!!  It's flat, shaded, and full of skinny athletic people which = motivation to keep running!  However did not love my run.  I felt heavy (hmm could it have been all the chips and salsa I ate? NO never!!) and super duper slow.  One of the girls I was with told me she didn't think she could finish 3 miles. HA she SMOKED me....big time!  My friend's fiance is crazy fast and can run forever, even if he hasn't ran in 6 months.  He's Bosnian...we blame it on him being foreign!  He stayed back with me and kept me running for the first 1.5 miles.  It was funny, he kept telling me not to spit, that my spit was my hydration, and that pigs can't run because they're missing a bone in their neck to keep their head up, and i needed to keep my head up, and my shoulders back, and my arms loose.  All good advice, it was just funny!!

I made it 1.5 then caught up to the girls on their turn around.  We walked for a few, then they blazed off without me again.  Damn.  What happened to me?  I ran a Half Marathon in May and then I got what I call "fat and slow" and now I suck at 3 miles! 

Oh well at least I ran....and I was sore today.  So I'm running again when I get home from work in the AM....MUST.RUN....and not suck at it!


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

That Bosnian advice is so random and funny! I love it! We all have our bad days so I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep your head up like your friend says, and try to make the next run better!

Jessica said...

I DID!! He is hilarious all the time, but running with him was even better.
I ran on Friday night with my husband, did a little over 3 miles, walked some, but felt much better than I did on Monday!! Thanks Christina!!