Friday, June 3, 2011

Its HOT!

Ahhh my runs are getting better (as far as not feeling like a total failure/wanting to quit before I start) however they are still short.  I did 2 miles yesterday, in the middle of the day, and it was 100 degrees outside!  Let's just say I ran in a sports bra, but probably am not in good enough shape to do that without a little embarassment yet.....but it was THAT hot!  I probably would have ran farther but I ran out of water.  My handheld is a bit small...I need a bigger one if I'm going to survive this Texas heat!

I have a new personal trainer....and I hate his guts while I'm training even though I love him with all my heart the other 23 hours of the day.  Yup The Hubs.  He's mean....but I will look A-MAZING in a bikini by the time he's done with me!  I decided I needed a little more of a push when it comes to my pumping iron routine.  I don't push myself enough or make myself do enough reps/weight.  So I enlisted the help of my husband, who looks amazing.  He's been working really hard on his "summer body" and it's been working!  His arms are huge! : )  He kicks my butt BIG TIME when we work out together.  Lets just say I almost cried by the time we were done with legs and abs today.  He's such a great encourager, helps me push myself, and tells me its ok when I can't finish my 10 reps (which just makes me push to finish them even harder!!)

I'm LOVING our quality husband/wife time at the gym!

Also we are doing pretty awesome at our life-style change!  We have been eating at home, eating really healthy, and are being more creative when it comes to healthy meals!  We had a pool day on Monday, and went to dinner with friends afterwards.  We went to a burger place called Twisted Root (Also A-Mazing!!) We both ordered Buffalo Burgers (a very lean, very yummy alternative to beaf!!) and we split a side of sweet potato chips (normally we would have each ordered steps here people!!)  We went to a Mexican Restaurant last FAVE,....and I only had a few chips, their margaritas are made the skinny way, and ordered a SALAD...GASP! I ordered salad at a Mexican restaurant?  But it was totally worth it and super yummy!  So yummy I recreated it at home for lunch today!

So far our summer body/stregthen my muscles to make me a better runner plan is working!!

I am thinking about registering for a 15K in July....we'll see if my distance increases any time soon, and if I can handle running in this HEAT!!

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