Saturday, June 4, 2011

Now that's more like it...

So I decided to try something different to help with my running rut.  At work Thursday night I decided to SUPER hydrate myself (I'm talking 160oz of water in 12 hours, which = peeing every 30 minutes at work....) then decided to try running when I got HOME from work instead of when I woke up at 3 in the afternoon.  Let's just say this was a SUCCESS! 

I had a cup of coffee around 5-5:30 so I was good and awake when I got home.  I let the dog out and fed him then changed and grabbed my Garmin.  The Hubs and I worked out legs on Thursday afternoon so my legs were sore and tired, but felt surprisingly good.  I went out of our neighborhood but turned a different direction this time....and of course, within the first half a mile I had to run up a hill.  It wasn't a big hill but when you worked out legs the night before it sure feels like a HUGE hill!  So I ran a little over a mile, walked 0.15 miles, then ran another full mile.  I did 2.20 miles total, and made sure I ran a full 2.  The only reason I walked the 0.15 was it was up another hill and my legs just couldn't take it! 

I felt GOOD when I got home.  I was tired and my legs were sore but I finally got that ENDORPHIN HIGH I've been missing!! LOVE me some endorphins!  The Hubs got home just as I was filling up my water, it's always a funny conversation when I just get done running because I'm rocking my runners high and he thinks I'm a crackhead!  Oh well!! 

When we woke up we did chest and triceps at the gym.  Again I'm not a real big fan of his while he's making me look awesome in a bikini...but soon I will get over the hate and will be worshiping his workout technique and thanking him for giving me a ROCKIN' body!!

So our lifestyle change is still going good...I had 2 pieces of wheat toast with honey after my run, a protein smoothie on the way to the gym, then grilled chicken, white rice, and asparagus for dinner before work.  I did cheat and eat one of those baby carrott cake cupcakes from Starbucks (I think they're like under 300 calories or something?  Not terrible I guess...) and then had a craving for some salty chips.  I got a bag of black pepper and sea salt, but when I started eating them I realized I didn't need them, or really want them (mostly because there was 16g of fat for the whole bag, and they just weren't good enough to waste 16g of fat on!)  Kinda proud of myself for making the decision to stop eating them!! I can think of a million other  things I would rather waste the fat on....MEXICAN food or a hot dog at the Texas Rangers game on Monday in particular!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!

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