Monday, June 20, 2011

Long time no blog!

So I clearly go through spurts of blogging/stalking but forgeting to update my own blog!

I was out of town for almost a week...My BEST FRIEND and my FAVORITE COUSIN married each other!!!  I was home for their wedding, stressful visit....but it was fun too!  Their wedding was GORGEOUS and so much fun!

Again my running is slacking off.  I'm not being completely lazy though...I am still working out with the Hubs and feeling really good about it!!  We go to the gym 4-5 times a week, and he pushes me to do my best with strength training!  I have been doing good even when I'm working a few days in a row!!  He motivates me a TON and I love that about him.  He's even been pushing me to get back into my running routine...such a FANTASTIC hubby!!

I ran once while I was in Oklahoma.  One whole mile....  But that's the past and I'm moving on in my running future!

I was home alone last night, well just me and Knox and his girlfriend Ella (we're dog sitting!!) and decided a run was much needed....especially after a bow making marathon (I'm going to start selling my bows for a little extra income...I'll send pictures if you're interested!!)

I decided to get  back into things nice and easy.  2 miles.  I left the house with no specific goal in mind, but it was 10:30pm and still 100 degrees outside (Thank You TEXAS SUMMER!) I havn't ran around the new neighborhood in the dark, so I decided to start the way I had been running during the day, up the highway access road into another part of the neighborhood.  I ran 5 minutes walked 1 minute for 2 miles.  I hadn't really hydrated a ton, and passed a man on the access road who said "be careful" and that kinda creeped me out so I decided to head home.  I was pleased with my pace, my breathing was a little out of whack, but I did it.  Now to start building up my distance again. 

I'm thinking about signing up for The Hottest Half in Dallas in August.  I feel like signing up for a race helps keep me motivated.  I trained for my last Half in 2 months, and that was starting from scratch.  What do you think?  Think 2 months is enough time to get myself back up in the heat?!

Also where do you find your motivation?  I'm totally un-motivated in the running department and need some help!!!

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