Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cha Cha Changes....

So me and The Hubs are working on a few changes.  Lets call them "Life Style Changes"

I had a mini melt down after trying on some shorts at Old Navy today...such a melt down that I turned down frozen yogurt when The Hubs asked if I wanted to stop for some.  I was feeling super fat for some reason...and this was after I worked out.  IDK where it came from?!

 My workout was good today...I did 5+ miles (20 minutes) on the bike at a level 10.  My legs were on FIRE when I was done!  Then I told The Hubs that I need some help with my workouts because I do the same things every time.  So he helped me beat my biceps to death.  Lets just say if I can lift my arms in the morning it will be a miracle!

So after my fat meltdown (I wish I meant this literally...) The Hubs and I spent some time looking up recipes for healthy meals.  We have ZERO junk food in our house.  We eat pretty good for the most part, especially when we eat at home.  But we're both really bad about eating whatever we want on our weekends.  So we've decided it's time to institute a bit of a lifestyle tweak.  We are finding more recipes for healthy stuff to mix things up a little bit.  I feel like instituting new flavors and veggies etc. will help keep us from getting bored with eating healthy.  We even went as far as to take before pictures. I am contemplating putting mine on here JUST to keep myself accountable and so eventually I can show the after pictures! 

What do you think about posting my pictures?

Anyone have any good healthy recipes to share?

Also I'm going to work super hard on keeping up with my blog a little more!  I have 8 followers now!  Woo Hoo!!!  Can anyone teach me how to get a picture at the top of my blog and how to link to other websites without putting the full web address but putting "Here" or another word for you to click on?

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