Thursday, March 8, 2012

Biceps and Sexy Beasts

I've been doing the BodyRock.TV workouts, but supplementing them with some gym workouts of my own too!  Today I was ready to go to the gym before BodyRock posted their workout (Damn Australian time!!) So I did my own workout! 
3 sets of each circuit

-Bicep curls 12.5lbs x 10
-Box jumps x 10

 (Start with a bar - I do 20lb bar - hands about shoulder width apart, bar down by your legs, for "1" lift the bar up until your arms are at a 90* angle - bent at the elbows - then go back down, that's one set of "1" do that 10 times, then for "2" start where 1 ends, in the 90* angle, and bring the bar all the way up to your shoulders, go back to the 90* angle, for one set, do 10 of these, then "3" do a full bicep curl, from starting at the legs ending up at your shoulders - 10 of these-  **This is only one set!!***
-jump rope 30 sec

-hammer curls 12.5lbs x 10
-burpees x 10

-Upright rows  (Holding a bar or dumbell) hands close together, bring them up to your chin, then back down to your legs)
-squats holding 20lb weights
-Reverse Crunches (Lay on your back, raise your legs up straight, lift your butt off the floor using your abs)

Then I did some more random ab stuff....They were BURNING by the time I was done!!

When I got home I made this......Zucchini pizzas!!!  Of course I found it on Pinterest.....

--Slice up a few zucchinis long - ways (I used regular cucumber shaped zucchinis, but aparently there are big squash shaped ones too!)
--Broil or grill them for about 10 minutes - just until they start to cook but don't let them burn!
--Top with spaghetti sauce/tomato sauce of choice (I used tomato basil pasta sauce from the farmers market!)
--Add shredded mozarella (I used the blocks of Lucerne mozarella, there's nothing in it but CHEESE!! No grain, wheat etc.)
--Then top with your favorite toppings!!
--Put back in the broiler/on the grill until the cheese melts (I like mine a SMIDGE on the crispy side, so it was about 5-8 minutes!)

They were a SUCCESS!!! The Hubs LOVED them!!  Healthy way to get your veggies and your pizza fix!!!
Here's why you should eat your Veggies......

Be a SEXY BEAST!!!  Eat Your Veggies!!!!


Chris Long said...

I have been reading your blog. Pretty good stuff. I see you have been doing some crossfit stuff. There is a group of Soldiers here in Kuwait that do crossfit. Not me (bad knees) it definitely burns the calories though. Good job on the running. I don't even run 10mi. I think at the most I will run is usually 4-6. One of the things that will make you stroger is working your core muscles. Take a look at some core excersises there are simple ones like planks. This is really good stuff you have going on. Stay motivated thats the hard part. Just remember even if you dont feel like doing it; you will feel so much better when you are finish. Here is my motto:
"It's what you have left after you give 100%"

Jessica said...

CHRIS!!! I'm so excited you read my blog!!! Especially all the way from Kuwait! I'm trying really really hard to be really fit....and blogging my workouts is helping to motivate me, and I hope maybe it will motivate someone else!! Thanks for doing all you do! We sure miss you!! Lots of love from TEXAS!!!