Saturday, May 28, 2011

Feels like I'm starting over

UGH!  That is how I feel about my running right now....and I know it's my own fault

After my Half I took a week off from running...and aparently that week turned into me only running 1-2 times per week.  WTF?  How did that happen? Here's the good news...I didn't stop working out entirely..I've been hitting the gym much harder trying to strengthen up my legs to improve my running....only I forgot about the running part somehow.  I made out a pretty little training plan, started it (and by started I mean did 2 days of it...and only half the distance both days) and decided I sucked again so I stopped.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? 

Last night on the way to the gym The Hubs asked me if I was going to run (around the neighborhood behind the gym) or lift.  I made a face like I wanted to lift.  He pushed me to running, he told me I should knock out my 3 mile route I have.  So I took off running.  My legs were a little tired at first but I felt good.  The route I have behind the gym is a U shaped street that I run in off of one street and end up on the same street at the end of the U.  It's about 0.5 miles.  I finished that, then turned the corner into the bigger chunk of the neighborhood.  It was HOT and I felt dehydrated all of a sudden.  I walked...a lot...and every time I started to run again I felt like I was about to vomit my Lucky Charms (I know I know excellent run fuel right?) Then my left calf cramped up...that was new, never felt that before....  Then I ran a little more, then walked...a lot .... again. 

When I made it back to the gym (A whole 2 miles in 35 minutes later) I sat down in the floor in front of The Hubs, bright red face, and FINALLY started to sweat.  I didn't feel like I was sweating enough while I ran and that totally freaked me out.  He asked how my run went and could tell immediately by the look on my face it didn't go well.  He told me that at least I got out there, which I guess is true.  Then we had a talk about how I've been lazy in the running department, but if I stick to it I'll get back to where I was when I ran my Half....and much quicker than I did the first time. 

It's so frustrating to go backwards in your training!  I'm needing some SERIOUS motivation to keep at this!

Ever feel like you completely lost all of your training and you suddenly suck at running?


Lisa Staples said...

Hey, new follower here!

I know EXACTLY what you mean about starting all over again. In fact I will be making a similar post on my blog. ----I took two months off from running since my last marathon. I started running again but every time I run, my legs just wont GO! I worked real hard to finally be able to run at a 8:50pace but now I'm back in the 10's high 9's. It's really frustrating. But the one thing I learned from my last training is that you can do anything you put your mind to if you WORK hard for it. It takes time though and won't happen over night.

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

I've suddenly sucked at running several times! I hate the feeling of getting out there and running at a snail's pace. It's so frustrating to WANT to go faster but you just CAN'T! Sometimes your body needs a break though. I learned that the hard way. Just keep adding little runs here and there and work yourself up. You haven't lost it forever! It'll come back, I promise!