Friday, April 15, 2011


So not that I think anyone reads my blog....or cares about my pictures....but the Hubby is out for the night for a "guys night" AKA Jessica is always around and isn't invited this time (My Hubby lets me tag along all the time...he's so good to me!!) & the few friends I have here are working, busy, or out of town...SO I'm going to be a nerd and update all my previous posts with the pictures I've taken that go along with them that i never got around to uploading (I'm the QUEEN of uploading pictures from my camera a year later...I'm still getting hounded by friends about uploading NYE pictures! Oops...) I have a really nice digital camera...I just don't know how to use all the settings, so my pictures are less than great! Oh well....enjoy!!

Puppy Love - AKA Knox - post 2 miles today!  He got to run free around the park for a little while....and while running full speed to catch up with me his leash wrapped around my legs and led to this.....
Yup, that's an ice pack on my knee!  It HURTS!  We only did 2 miles today because we set out kinda late and I wanted to be home before dark...I kinda live in the ghetto right now....But no worries....We move into our new house in a week!!!!!!!!!!!  Hints why my house is a DISASTER right now, boxes and crap EVERYWHERE!

Me and the Hubby at a Dallas Cowboys game (My awesome parents took us!) on Halloween!

Aparently the husband's friends want me to join them on their guys night...See they love me!  Ha I'll post more pictures later!!

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