Thursday, April 21, 2011

Never Again....

The hubs and I decided we're NEVER EVER buying a house again....well at least that's what I'm saying right now.  This whole mortgage process has been a PAIN!  The last 2 weeks I feel like all I've done is search around/drive around town looking for documents I never imagined I would EVER need again, just to email/fax them to someone so they can turn around and tell me they need something else!  Its will all be worth it in 4 short days!  WE CLOSE ON MONDAY!! Then a pizza/beer/moving party will commence!  Is starting the carb loading 6 days before my half to early?

Our first house!!!!!

So I don't get sick often, but when I do it sucks...
I woke up not feeling great on Sunday....worked Sunday night, then woke up Monday feeling BAD.  I decided to suck it up because I need to get some serious mileage in before OKC in a little over than a week.  I set out for an undecided amount of miles (3 miles minimum.) I am thinking about trying to run 5 walk 1 for OKC, and thought this would be a good day to trial that on a shorter run.  I started out and my first mile and a half was great.  I was feeling crappy still but running good.  My pace was around 9min/mile which is really good for me right now.  After the 1.5 I decided to turn around and head for home.  Something hit me when I turned around and I started coughing and hacking, and eventually dry heaving I was coughing so bad.  I walked almost the rest of the way home...and was still wheezing so bad when I walked through the door I think I scared Michael a little!  A few puffs on the inhaler, some water, and a day of sleep later...I feel much better!

I ran when I woke up today...but my Garmin died after a mile so I have no clue how far I ran.  I assume around 3 miles....3 HILLY miles.  The neighborhood I run in usually is VERY hilly.  Good training right?

I have plans to do 9-10 miles with Oh-No on Saturday, then we are having a packing party!  Sounds fun right?  Ha yah I don't think so either! IM SOOOO READY TO MOVE!! And hope my 9ish miles goes smoothly...that will give me some confidence for OKC!

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